Anatomy of a Google Search Result

Do you know the best way to reach your customers when they search for you on Google? Watch our video to learn the three ways that customers can find your business in a Google search result!

Breaking Down Google Search Results

Understanding how the local search results work and showing up above the competition can be extremely frustrating.  

In this video, our Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Zac Herr, will guide you through the three main sections of a Google search result, highlighting the value that each section has for your business and showing you the importance of optimizing your online presence for search. 

To summarize what we've learned about breaking down local search results: 

  1. Paid advertising can help your business be found at the top of a Google search result page 
  2. Organic search results contain content related to your business, but they're not always location specific
  3.  Local search results are based on location and business star-rating, and they are the best way to reach customers making a purchase
  4.  The best ways to optimize your online presence is through solid reviews, keeping your business information consistent and having a locally optimized website
  5. Eighty percent of all searches on Google are now locally focused

For more information on local search marketing, check out these resources: 

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