Ask Us Anything: Contract Services

In this Ask Us Anything, we answer all your contract business-related online marketing questions!

Ready for the Answers?

Digital marketing can be a successful way for contractors to generate leads and be found online by new customers. Local search marketing can be tricky if your business address is also your home address, though. In this episode of Ask Us Anything, our digital marketing strategists answer all your toughest local marketing questions, including:

  • I work from home and don’t want to show my address. Is this possible?
  • I work in the city, but my home address is further out. How can I still generate business downtown?
  • Most of my business is from referrals. How can you help me online?
  • How is RevLocal different from other lead generation sites where I list my business?

Watch the video to learn how you can use paid advertising to target local customers while keeping your personal address private. You will also learn how online marketing can work with referrals to validate your business online as well as how service area affects your business's digital presence.

To learn more about how digital marketing can help your business be found online, please
check out our guide, Consumer Behavior Has Changed.

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