Ask Us Anything: Review Marketing

Reviews are your business's online reputation, but how much are online reviews really worth? Watch our Ask Us Anything: Review Marketing video to find out!

We Answer Your Review Marketing Questions

Review marketing is not an option for local businesses. With 92 percent of consumers reading reviews while making purchase decisions, your business can't afford to ignore its online reputation.

Watch our Ask Us Anything: Review Marketing video to learn the answers to your most important questions about online reviews and reputation management, including:

  • Why are online reviews so important?
  • How much are online reviews actually worth
  • What should I do when I receive a negative review?
  • What are the things people pay attention to when reading reviews about my business? 
  • How many reviews does my business need? 
  • How many reviews to most people read anyway? 
  • How can I generate more reviews for my business? 

Ready to learn more about RevLocal's review marketing services? Take a look at our review marketing and reputation management platform, Renown. Renown can help your business consistently bring in new reviews while helping to protect your online reputation.

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