Ask Us Anything: Wellness

Spas, Salons and Gyms, this video is for you! In this episode of Ask Us Anything: Wellness, our strategists answer all your marketing questions.

Your Digital Marketing Questions, Answered

Digital marketing can be complicated for health and wellness businesses. If you own a spa, fitness center or salon, this episode of Ask Us Anything is for you.

Our Digital Marketing Strategists answer all your online advertising and local search marketing questions, including:

  • I’ve boosted some posts on Facebook but haven’t seen the results that I was expecting. What can I do to better attract people who are interested in my services?
  • Is it important for my salon to have a blog?
  • I’m struggling to get reviews for my business and was thinking about giving away free products for positive reviews. Will this help encourage my clients to leave me reviews?
  • I usually see my gym slowing down during the summer. What can I do to combat this?

Check out the video to learn why boosting Facebook posts may not be the best way to get more customers in the door, how to get more reviews and so much more!

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