Client Testimonial: Postal Annex

Watch this video to see how RevLocal's digital marketing services have put shipping and receiving company Postal Annex on digital maps and help them show up in more relevant searches!

Here’s Postal Annex’s Story

Postal Annex owners Dennis and Kristen signed up for RevLocal's digital marketing services after canceling their previous digital marketing plan with another agency. Watch the video to see how we've transformed the shipping company's online presence with a personalized digital marketing strategy.

Even with their previous digital marketing plan, Postal Annex was still receiving calls from customers to ask where the business was located. That's when Dennis and Kristen decided it was time to sign up with RevLocal.

Not only have we improved Postal Annex's presence in online maps, helping more customers find the business in online searches, but we've also made sure the shipping and receiving business shows up for the right categories and keywords.

Dennis and Kristen know that what they do is so much more than post office, but we wanted to make sure local consumers know too!

Now, the business's strategist consistently optimizes its online presence while helping plan new promotions and ways to expand Postal Annex's reach.

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