Everything You Need To Know About Responsive Search Ads

What are Google's responsive search ads and does your business need them? In this RevLocal Marketing Refresh video, you'll learn what you should know about how we're using these ads to boost our clients' online presence.

Breaking Down Responsive Search Ads

It's time for another marketing refresh video! This video is all about a new ad type called Responsive Search Ads.

As the name suggests, Responsive Search Ads show up in Google search results, using machine learning to test and optimize your ads.

These ads use a combination of headlines and descriptions to create the best ad for your business. You (or your advertising agency) will write the headlines and descriptions, and Google plugs them in, testing different variations to see what performs best with your target audience.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can write up to 15 headlines and four 90-character descriptions for your ads
  • Google tests combinations of your headlines and descriptions to try to find the best combination for your ads

We’ve created dynamic search ads for clients and have found that the combination of machine learning and collaboration between our paid advertising team and digital marketing strategists takes ad optimization to a new level.

 Remember, paid advertising is the best way to expand your reach to new markets and help new customers find your business.

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