How to Optimize Your Business for Voice Search

Voice search is huge and only getting bigger! Watch the video to learn how to get started building a voice search strategy for your business today.

Is Your Business Optimized for Voice Search?

A recent study found that there are 1 billion voice searches a month, and those searches are three times more likely to be locally focused than text searches! Watch our video to learn how to put your business in more voice searches.

With the rise of smart speakers and the ease of asking our phones a question rather than typing, voice search is more popular than ever. And, it's on the rise. Experts predict that 30 percent of searches will be done without a screen by 2020.

Now is the time to optimize your business's digital marketing strategy for voice search, so you're showing up for the right customer at the right time. 

So, how can your business get ready for the voice search revolution?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create FAQ content for your website. Voice searches tend to be more conversational than text searches, so you'll want to have a section on your website that mimics these questions in the style people tend to ask them.
  2. Find long-tail keywords and integrate them into your website or your keyword strategy. Use tools like Ubersuggest and Answer The Public to find the long-tail keywords people use to find businesses like yours. Once you have these long-tail keywords, integrate them into the content on your website and keywords.
  3. Optimize for mobile! Since voice searches tend to happen on mobile devices, your website needs to be optimized for mobile. This ensures that, when people find you through a voice search, they also have a good experience when visiting your website on their mobile device.

Not only should you follow these steps when optimizing for voice search, but you need to consider your structured data. Although this data includes information about your website, it cannot be seen by visitors. Learn more about structured data here.

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