Client Testimonial - K-Ceps Auto

Watch our latest client testimonial video to learn how we've worked with K-Ceps Auto Body & Service Center to build a better digital presence for the local business.

Learn More About K-Cep’s Digital Marketing Success

At RevLocal, we pride ourselves on being the leader in personalized digital marketing, but what does that really mean?

We could go on and on about digital, but we thought we'd let our client do the talking! Watch the video to learn how K-Ceps Auto Body & Service Center in Johnstown, Ohio, went from unsuccessfully managing their own digital marketing to building a powerful strategy with the help of their RevLocal marketing team!

With our dedicated digital strategist and online marketing services, we've been able to build a consistent online presence that helps the auto body shop consistently bring in more customers. Their favorite part about working with us? The relationship we provide!

Here's what Chris Speck of K-Ceps had to say about working with RevLocal, "When you're looking to expand your presence and optimize your search engine placement, they're there as well so that you're top, front and center."

Learn more about our auto repair marketing plans here.

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