Revelry Tavern Client Testimonial

Digital marketing has helped countless restaurants combat the force of COVID-19. Find out how the team at Revelry Tavern partnered with RevLocal to adapt their online presence.

Rich Spagna, the owner of Revelry Tavern in Dublin, Ohio, knew his business wasn't being found when hungry consumers were searching for a restaurant like his.

With the help of RevLocal, Rich was able to improve his business's search ranking with the use of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Now, instead of being found at the bottom of the search results page, his business appears at the top.

When COVID-19 hit, Rich needed to figure out how his business would operate during the shutdown. 23 years in the industry had not prepared him for the impact of a global pandemic.

But one thing Rich knew was that he needed RevLocal on his side so his business could continue to reach people in the digital landscape. Rich and his dedicated marketing strategist worked together to create a plan that promoted Revelry Tavern's carryout only options while staying within his new budget.

Through a RevLocal partnership, Rich was able to improve his business's online presence and keep his business afloat during the pandemic.

Has your business felt the impact of COVID-19? To learn more about how RevLocal can help your restaurant in a constantly changing world, make sure to get in contact with one of our digital marketing experts.

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