Tips for Marketing to Generation Z

Is your business ready to start marketing to the new generation of consumers? Check out some of our best tips to begin marketing to Generation Z!

Utilize These Tips

Generation Z is coming of age, and the group has a lot of buying power! So, how can your business market to Generation Z effectively? Let's find out.

In this video, our Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Sara McCarville, will give you an idea of who Generation Z is, as well as provide some tips to get you started with marketing your business to them.

Watch our video to learn more or check out some of our takeaways below! 

  1. Generation Z loves watching videos, so you'll want to start creating more video content and using live video for your business
  2. Gen-Zers use each social media platform for a different reason, so customize your content for each platform accordingly 
  3. The average attention span for Generation Z is short, so you'll want to focus on utilizing ephemeral content such as Instagram Stories to get your message across quickly
  4. Generation Z craves authenticity from brands and dislikes traditional marketing
  5. Gen-Zers love brands that are socially responsible, such as businesses that are involved in their local communities 

For more information on digital marketing or marketing to Generation Z, check out these resources:

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