What Are Local Services Ads and How Can You Get Started?

One of the questions we get at RevLocal is "what are Local Services Ads?" Check out our series of videos to learn more about Local Services Ads and what they can do to help your home services business build trust and reach more clients online!

Breaking Down Local Services Ads

At RevLocal, one of the questions that we often get is “what are Local Services Ads, and what can they do for my business?”

Formerly known as Home Services Ads, Google created Local Services Ads, also called LSAs, to give home services businesses like electricians or locksmiths the chance to advertise their business at the top of Google search results.

By running an LSA, your business will potentially show up as a match for a new customer if you offer a service that they need within your area, and this can help you generate more leads. 

Watch the video above to learn all about Local Services Ads from our Paid Advertising Manager Erica Flinn.

There you have it! If your home services business is interested in getting started with LSAs, visit our Local Services Ads page today!

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