How to Get Started With Video Marketing

How to Get Started With Video Marketing

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Video marketing is huge right now, and it's no surprise. Video is easy to consume and share, and it's a great way to engage your customers and improve your marketing performance!

In fact, viewers claim that they retain 95 percent of a message when obtained via video. Because of this, why wouldn't you want to include video content in your strategy?

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However, before you pick up the video camera and start producing content, ask yourself these questions:

1. Who is your video’s audience?

Your audience will determine the type of video content you’ll create. If you create videos before figuring out who your audience is, you have no way of knowing that your videos will be valuable to your audience.

Do some audience research. Think of your target customers, and that will give you a good idea of who your audience should be.

2. What do you want your video to accomplish?

Educate? Entertain? Sell a product? Get more clients? Retain existing clients? Find more employees? Create sales tools for employees? Make sure to plan and create your video with your goals in mind! 

3. What topics will you cover?

Before you start filming, you need a plan. The pre-production stage of filming is probably the most important step of your entire process.

It’s important to know what your video will discuss so that when it is time to film, you know exactly what you need to do.

Your plan doesn’t always need to be highly detailed and precise, but you should at least have a solid outline of what you will be talking about and showing in your video.

If you are comfortable memorizing and reciting lines, feel free to write a script.

However, it’s important to seem natural and conversational in your videos, so another good idea is to develop some talking points or topics to cover and naturally discuss them on camera without a script.

Once you have a solid plan for your video, you can move on to making some movie magic!

Easy Tips for DIY Video Marketing for Your Business

Your phone is always in your pocket, and it's easy to use, so why not use it to your advantage? While filming on a phone requires some skill, it's not impossible!

Follow the next few tips to make sure to shoot professional-looking videos with your phone:

  1. Get a steady shot. One of the most important things is to not have shaky video content. If you aren't confident or your hands are steady, utilize a tripod. You can purchase one from almost any store that sells cameras or camera equipment. Don’t forget to buy a phone mount; that will allow you to attach your phone to the tripod so that it stays stable.
  2. Know when to shoot video horizontal vs. vertical. The platform you're posting to will determine which orientation to use. If your audience is mostly using a mobile device, shoot vertically. If you primarily post longer content on YouTube, shoot horizontally.
  3. Know when to zoom and when to move. Using your fingers to pinch the screen and zoom reduces the image quality and will make your video look fuzzy or pixelated. The best way to get a closer shot of your subject is to move the camera closer. 
  4. Try an editing app. Unless you're planning a live video, it’s a good idea to download an editing app to your smartphone or computer. If you're on a tight budget, there are plenty of free apps you can try for iPhone and Android

Now that we've discussed some tips specifically when using your smartphone, let's dive into more general tips that can be considered for all types of video content:

  1. Pay attention to lighting and sound. Try to avoid filming in dark areas or rooms that are lit with fluorescent lighting (you know, the tube light bulbs you see at grocery stores). Try filming somewhere that has a lot of natural light, such as an area that is lit by a window. Sound is also important. Try to film in a space where there is not a lot of echo or background noise.
  2. Your platform can dictate the length of the video. Depending on the platform you use to share the video, you’ll only have so much time to keep your viewers' attention. For example, Instagram has a 60-second limit for posting video content (unless you switch to IGTV). Regardless of the length of your video, it's important to reel your audience in within the first three seconds.
  3. Show your personality. If you want to keep people interested and engaged in your video, you’ve got to put some personality in it. Be yourself and show off who you are as an individual or as a business. People respond best to videos that are authentic and real. This video testimonial is a great example of showcasing personality.
  4. Use CTAs (call to actions) or give them something to do. Don't leave the viewer wondering what to do next when the video ends. Your video should always end with a call to action that tells your audience what to do next. It could be as simple as telling them to head over to your website to find out more information about your company, or you could invite the viewer to try out a new product or service.

Before we dive into the next section, take some time to watch our podcast to learn even more about video content:

What kind of videos should local businesses create?

1. Educational Videos (Specific to Your Industry)

Keep your video's purpose and goals in mind when filming an educational video.

If you’re trying to film a how-to video, you shouldn’t also be trying to explain your business and services. Stay on topic and give the information you promised.

Here are a few types of educational videos you can create:

  • How-to
  • Explainer
  • News updates
  • Business updates
  • Who you are and what you do

2. Entertaining/Informative Videos

Have fun when creating entertaining or informative videos, but keep your purpose at the forefront when shooting your video.

Bonus Tip: Remember to be authentic and real in your videos! Don't portray yourself or your business in a way that doesn't follow your brand. 

Here are some ideas for entertaining videos:

  • Behind the scenes of your business
  • Videos that show off your business's culture
  • Videos for relevant holidays
  • Show off a new product or display

3. Live Video

A trend in video marketing right now is going live. Going live on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat can refresh your business's social media marketing strategy and give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at what you do and who you are. 

Going live is a great way to engage your followers and show off your personality. It isn't always as easy as it looks, though. As long as you are confident and don't get hung up on mistakes (they happen, trust me), then you'll be good to go!

No matter what platform you plan to go live on, make sure you have a plan. The last thing you want is to go live and suddenly realize you weren’t prepared or aren’t sure what to talk about or show your viewers.

Final Thoughts

Video is a great way to supercharge your business's digital marketing strategy. But make sure to create videos that will provide value to your audience, and don't forget to use an analytics tool to track the success of your video marketing campaigns!

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