New Year, New Buzzwords: The Top 9 You Need to Know

New Year, New Buzzwords: The Top 9 You Need to Know

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There are so many things to look forward to in 2019  like new digital marketing buzzwords! 

It's essential that you know what some of the up-and-coming buzzwords mean and how they'll affect your business.

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9 Digital Marketing Buzzwords for Your Business in 2019

Relevance Score – We'll start out with an easy digital marketing buzzword! Your Facebook relevance score is based on the quality and engagement of your ads. This is extremely important for your business as your relevance score determines your cost-per-click and how often the ad is shown on Facebook!

  • Update - In March 2019, Facebook decided to phase out its ad relevance score! Although this is a big change, Facebook introduced new metrics to help small business owners receive more actionable insights. Read more about this change here.

Voice Search – Ah, the ever-evolving voice search! This was a big deal in 2018 and will continue to be a big deal in 2019.

From Siri to Alexa to Google, voice search is all around us and the way that a lot of people are doing their searches nowadays. If you haven't heard of or used voice search, it allows you to do a search by speaking into a voice recognition program instead of typing it out. Pretty easy!

Machine Learning – Although this digital marketing buzzword has been around for a while, it's big in 2019! To put it in laymen's terms, machine learning uses a process that teaches a computerized system to make predictions based on data it is given. 

For the digital marketing world, this makes it easier to analyze large amounts of data and frees up time to work in other areas. Machine Learning helps in the realm of content marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and SEO. 

Ephemeral Content – I know ephemeral may be a hard word to say, but this type of content is happening all around you! Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories are all examples of ephemeral content.

If you aren't hip to these things, it means that the content is only available for a short period of time and normally comes in the form of pictures or videos. If your business hasn't tackled this form of digital marketing, make it one of your goals in 2019!

Check out this blog about Instagram and Snapchat Stories to learn more about ephemeral content.

Shopping Advertising – We all love online shopping, right? Shopping Advertising through Google is one advertising method your business should be using (if it works for your industry, of course!). 

These Shopping Ads feature a photo of your product as well as the product name, price, store name and much more! Because it's so detailed, it gives the user a good understanding of your product.

While they provide great value, Shopping Ads come with some difficulties. They can take some time to set up. Even if everything is good to go, it can still take 10-12 days to get approval from Google. However, the difficulty in getting these type of ads created is actually a huge part of RevLocal’s value with these ads! We have experience working through this process and will do the heavy lifting. Shout out to one of our Paid Advertising Specialists, Sam Driscoll, for help with this buzzword! 

Small Asks – This buzzword has a relatively simple concept that can be used in almost every aspect of life, but let's think of it in terms of digital marketing! A small ask is asking customers to say "yes" more often to smaller tasks or questions for your business, which in turn leads to a better sale and more customer loyalty.

For example, instead of using a call to action that includes book an appointment, use sign up instead. It's important for your business to get leads, but you'll get more people coming in the door if you're using a small ask that's less of an immediate commitment rather than jumping straight into a sale.

Brand Identity – A lot of people confuse brand identity with only a company's logo, but there's so much more that's included! 

The logo, typography and style guide are all important elements. Your brand identity is what makes your brand your brand. The way to think about this digital marketing buzzword is how your brand looks and communicates to your current customers and potential customers.

Generation Z – Alright, we know this digital marketing buzzword can be a little controversial, but we're going to talk about it anyway. Generation Z (Gen Z for short) is a group of people between the ages of 3-23 who were born in the technological age.

Because of this, they find it extremely important to trust a company's brand as well as look for authenticity in marketing. Many companies are marketing to multiple groups, but Gen Z-ers look even further into what a company has to offer and expects more from them.

Cooperative Advertising - Cooperative advertising is a partnership between manufacturers and retailers to share the cost of advertising at a local level to increase product sales. Some manufacturers will reimburse their retailers 50 percent to 100 percent of their marketing costs on approved campaigns!

This is one digital marketing buzzword I hadn't heard much about, so thanks to Mike Cook, Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing, for your input!

Bonus Digital Marketing Buzzword:

Optimize - I know, I know...optimize is such a common digital marketing buzzword, but it's so important! When you optimize, you're making enhancements and making things the best version of what they can be. Let's take your online listings, for example. Having optimized listings puts your business a step ahead of the competition, which helps generate even more leads.

However, your listings aren't the only thing you should optimize! Think about your social media channels, your website and your entire online presence. Everything needs to be optimized to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Welcome 2019 With These Digital Marketing Resources

Need help with your business's digital marketing in 2019? Don't worry! We have plenty of resources to get you started:

That's a wrap, folks! We hope these digital marketing buzzwords will help your business reach new heights in 2019. And if you need help with your marketing, visit our website to request a demo!


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