RevLocal Los Angeles Reviews:

Zeina G.
Dina Gonzalez is our Postal Annex rep and we love working with her!! She is always so nice and friendly whenever she comes in to check on us. We love the fact that there is no contract and we feel very excited to start our local search campaign.
date 10/3/2018
Aloha Maids
I just signed up with Justin Furey. I have worked with a lot of marketing companies in the past and later found that they were untrustworthy. What I like about Justin is he was good at explaining the process. He also is not aggressive in his approach. If you want to sign up with a local marketer, boost SEO I think Justin Fury is your guy.
date 7/23/2018
date 2/14/2018
Jessica Lewis
I'm a small business owner in LA , and can unequivocally say that the work done by RevLocal has significantly increased the number of new faces walking in my doors. In fact, of all the digital marketing strategies applied over the 3 years I've been in business, their's is the only one that has directly impacted by bottom line. Hillary and AJ have both been awesome, responsive, easy to work with, and effective! And I have high expectations because I used to work in digital advertising, and they exceed them time and time again! Highly recommend!
date 11/22/2017
Swire Ho
AJ is very knowledgeable and helpful. RevLocal is definitely not a pushy sale marketing company out there.
date 6/23/2017