RevLocal Cleveland Reviews:

Gary Lash, Jr.
Amy does a great job and is a valuable asset to RevLocal!
date 12/12/2016
Maria Jeancola
RevLocal is lucky to have the team that they do out there spreading the word about their fantastic services. I cannot say enough good things about the Business Development Manager, Amy Davis-VanderEyk. I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Amy and not only is she knowledgeable about digital marketing but she is PASSIONATE about it and it shows. She is one of those people that you work with because you choose to, not because you have to. Keep up the amazing work, Amy!
date 12/12/2016
Steven Crnjak
Amy is the best. She goes out of her way to help you understand online marketing and how it works.
date 12/10/2016
Dana Troup
Amy is truly an asset to all business owners out there. The level of education, support, and creative approach that she takes in advising and helping her clients is what makes her invaluable. She is highly recommended and worth every penny. The results she is able to deliver to her clients exceeds any expectation you could possibly imagine.
date 12/9/2016
Will Lowe
Amy Davis-VanderEyk has more energy and excitement than all of my friends combined. She truly is awesome at anything she does
date 12/8/2016

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