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Blake Gray
I've been associated with RevLocal for about 2 years now, and I can't begin to express how powerful they have been for my company. I went from having only a couple of reviews on google and other media platforms from the previous 4 years of running my business to 135 google reviews in my 2 year partnership with RevLocal. The reviews alone have catapulted my business into the consistency I was looking for, just by merely making me visible in this virtual world. It was truly the missing ingredient I needed to really take off, and the number of inspections it generated for me per year nearly doubled. A great deal of my business now comes from review inquiries, and I have clients often tell me they didn't bother researching other companies once they read my reviews. On occasion, real estate agents have added me to their list of referrals without even having met me or personally experience my service, based solely on reading my reviews. Now THAT'S power! My business is becoming a locomotive, and RevLocal laid the track! They also keep constant communication with me and provide continuous feedback to ensure my needs are met and my goals are reached. A personal touch in a virtual world. When is the last time you saw that? If you need help with review generation, you have to reach out to RevLocal. They will help build your business!
date 2/12/2020

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