3 Co-Op Spending Tips to Help Grow Your Flooring Business

Wondering how co-op programs can grow your flooring business? Our blog has three tips you can utilize!

Co-Op Spending Tips Flooring Business

Did you know that the most successful flooring dealers have been using co-op marketing dollars to promote their businesses over smaller competitors?

Digital marketing campaigns can help level the playing field for smaller dealers by using a more targeted strategy and leveraging co-op funds to offset their marketing budgets. The top co-op manufacturers will reimburse the flooring dealer up to 50 percent or more on approved campaigns.

The following are three tips that have been identified from some of our successful clients across the country. Keep reading to learn how to best strategize your flooring business’s digital marketing campaign.

1. Be Found

Make sure your business comes up in relevant, targeted search results in your local market.

This can be done by creating a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign on platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube and more. 

You can choose the most relevant words, ad text, geographical area and time of day the ads can run. You should also optimize for mobile searches when people are out and looking to stop by to shop or see samples.

This way, your money goes toward being found and heard by the people closest and most relevant to your business!

2. Be Seen

Besides search ads, you can also increase the visibility for your flooring business by creating display ads.

To gain a deeper understanding of the differences between search and display ads and how they apply to your business, check out this blog.

These display ads are image advertisements that show up on different websites that would be popular with your ideal demographic.

Campaigns of this type also have the benefit of “remembering” the person who visited your website and can retarget them and promote your business in the upcoming days and weeks. 

This retargeting helps keep your store top of mind and builds your brand to those most likely to be good prospects based on your campaign criteria.

3. Leverage Your Co-Op

Finally, it’s necessary that you identify what co-op funds may be available to you. 

You should be able to find this out by logging into your dealer portal or contacting your flooring manufacturer’s rep. They can inform you of how many dollars are available and any guidelines or requirements to use those funds. 

This will help you set the proper budget to help dominate your local market. 

Providing this information is not exclusive to manufacturing reps, however. Here at RevLocal, we take on research for co-op opportunities on your behalf. To get this process started, submit our co-op authorization form here.

As a reference, check out the chart below. It lists a few of the top flooring manufacturer co-op programs that promote digital marketing campaigns for their dealers:

Don’t see your manufacturer listed? That doesn’t mean they don’t have a co-op program for your business to utilize.

Final thoughts

At RevLocal, we assist our clients with their flooring co-op programs at no additional charge. It’s just another way we strive to add value for our clients. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us or fill out this online form and one of our team members will be in contact with you!

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