3 Instagram Updates and What You Should Know

With some hotly-discussed updates in-the-works for Instagram, we break down these changes and what they mean for your business and social media strategy.


Have you been keeping up with Instagram’s update announcements and buzz? If not, you’re in luck!

We have broken down some of the most important changes to come to the platform and what they mean for the exposure of your business. And don't worry, there are no awkward swiping features involved.

Social media is a growing force in digital marketing, and these statistics prove just how significant it is!

Let's dive into the updates.

1. Local Business Profile Pages

Although still in beta testing, Instagram is on its way to entering the world of local search with its new local business profile pages. It is referenced as being the equivalent of Google Local Knowledge panels.


Get the picture?

It's important to note that this is not a feature for setting up an Instagram business profile. Instagram already has this option.

Instead, the local business profile page feature will be an extension of the already established business profile.

With local business profiles, your business profile will show up in search results with general information like:

  • Address
  • Business category/type
  • Hours
  • Price range
  • Website
  • Phone number

Connecting your Instagram local business profile page and your Facebook business page will be simple. It only requires verifying that the pages are for the same business by “claiming” the Instagram page.

With this profile search in the works, your business should not be focused solely on other social media platforms, especially when you consider how many users Instagram has.

Nearly 500 million users open Instagram daily! That’s a lot of people and a lot of potential customers.

Extend your social media reach by using Instagram's new feature.

It is also a chance to be more conscious of the posts you put up as it appears that the upcoming local business profile page will include the profile’s three most recent posts in its results.

Making sure your posts are relevant to what your business offers is essential in grabbing attention in this initial local search result. Don’t put up just any old photo, put thought into what you wish to show clientele!

So, Instagram appears to be taking steps toward becoming even more business-friendly with the possibility of rolling out these local business profile pages.

As it is still in testing, we will have to wait.

In the meantime, take this time to prepare for these changes and establish strategies that can benefit you when Instagram finally completes these updates.

2. Hiding Likes

Arguably, the most controversial of Instagram’s newest in-progress updates is their testing of removing likes on posts.

Again, this is an update that is still in-the-works as it is going through beta testing, but it has seen a lot of reaction.

So, what do we mean by removing likes?

It does not mean users can no longer like posts that they’re interested in but rather, it's removing the number of likes that one sees beneath a photo.

This beta testing is looking at giving only the user who posted the picture accessibility to view the number of likes that their photo gains.

It’s quality over quantity for Instagram. It wants to focus user’s attention toward the content that is posted over the number of likes it gets.

And what does this mean for a business profile?

Well, you still get the benefits of viewing the engagement toward your post but now, without followers seeing numbers, the interaction will be more based on the quality of content that is put out.

This future update, like the one prior, creates a need for businesses to put out valuable content that users want to interact with and see.

3. Create Mode

You can now make use of Instagram Stories for more than just photos and videos.

Instagram’s new update will include the addition of the Create Mode to stories, which gives users the option to post a story from scratch, no need for a photo or video.

Instagram stories can publish information quickly and simply, and Create Mode appears to streamline this process even more.

Stories are more important than you may realize, and there are different tips to keep in mind when posting them.

For businesses, having this more simplified process to communicate with followers will prove to be more effortless than even traditional Instagram stories.

Final Thoughts

A lot is changing for Instagram and from what we can see, these changes are fit for your business profile to grow.

Whether it means getting more exposure, growing interest with higher quality posts or simplifying ways to communicate, there’s a lot to look forward to, small business owners!

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