3 Tips You Need to Convert Website Traffic to Sales

Are you seeing a lot of traffic to your website but not many sales? Our blog has three tips that can help your website visitors make more conversions!

3 Tips You Need to Convert Website Traffic to Sales

By now, you should have some understanding of the best ways to drive customers to your website. If you don’t, check out this blog for all the important details to build traffic to your site.

When it comes to website visitors, you encourage them to view and interact with the page, but have you focused on the next step in this process? It’s all about converting these website visits into sales. To achieve this, you must make buying options visible and accessible for customers to possibly take action.

Keep reading to get a better understanding of some of the best approaches to take to construct a website and marketing strategy that drives more sales!

Target and Segment Your Audience

This step should be relatively simple, but it can easily get lost in the more minute details. Not every consumer wants or needs to visit your website and make a purchase, so this step will make sure that your marketing efforts are worthwhile.

It’s pretty straightforward — you don’t want to be directing the wrong customers to purchase your products or services. This means you must focus on running research and analytics to find consistencies in clients who are making purchases or are showing interest in products or services and those who are not.

By investing your time into gathering and analyzing this research, your business will be able to target the correct audience in your efforts to drive sales. The right audience, in this case, is consumers who are likely to make a purchase or be influenced to purchase your products or services.

This research can also add to your understanding of what types of content or features grab consumer’s interest and see success in influencing sales.

All of your efforts should lead toward reaching the right audience because they are your customers, the customers who will invest in and remain loyal to your business.

Optimize Landing Pages

Now that you have a better understanding of who your target audience is, it’s time to look toward improving your website landing page.

By having a grasp on who you’re reaching, what they want from your business and more, you can create and manage your landing page content around this.

Make sure you optimize your landing page to include direct and easy to follow information. For instance, if a specific landing page is used to display products and services your business has, make sure you have up-front and visible places to quickly place an order or fill out a form for more information on a service.

Obviously, when it comes to converting website traffic to sales, a lot of your landing page should direct or encourage people to purchase one of your products or services, known as a call-to-action.

It could be as simple as, “We have the products for you. Click here to see our best deals.” Just make sure you’re creating motivation and driving traffic toward sales with this simple website layout strategy.

Try to appeal to your targeted audience’s desires and treat their pain points through your improved landing page strategy.

Focus on Retargeting

It's important to keep in mind that marketing efforts require putting some money behind your social media and website strategy, especially when we look at the conversion benefits of retargeting.

We’ve all been targets in retargeting efforts. Retargeting is a form of advertising which places ads for products that a user has interacted with in the past on another platform to bring them back to the website to purchase that product.

For example, if a potential customer is viewing one of your products on your website, but their attention moves to social media, retargeting will place an ad on either their Facebook, Instagram, etc. to get their attention back to your product and hopefully drive them to click the ad and make a purchase.

It has even been found that when brands implement retargeting ads, they will begin to see a positive correlation between impressions with these ads and sales conversions.

As you can see, retargeting can redirect customer attention back to a product or service after they have left a business’s website, a direct effort to convert a website visit into a sale.

So, while it may require digging into your wallet a little, there is a return on your investment!

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Final Thoughts

Bringing potential customers to your website is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, but you want more for your business!

By focusing on targeting your audience, improving your landing pages and retargeting, you’ll be on your way to turning those website visits into sales.

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