4 Myths About Call Tracking

Call tracking is very simple, but there are so many myths about it floating around. We're going to debunk the top four in this blog!


Call tracking is very simple, but there are so many myths about it floating around!

To help you understand what’s true and what’s false, I’m going to cover the top four myths that our clients at RevLocal tend to believe.

Before we jump in, let me explain what call tracking is and how it works (just in case you’ve never heard of it)!

What Is Call Tracking?

Similar to how you track website visitors in Google Analytics, you also need a way to track your business’s phone calls and what is said on those calls!

To sum it up, call tracking is a way to measure your marketing efforts. This allows your business or marketing company to see what campaigns are successful or where you need to improve.

With call tracking, a local or toll-free phone number is created and will appear on your website after a code snippet is added to the backend. For RevLocal clients, we utilize your website services for call tracking.

The tracking number will only appear when someone visits the RevSite from a source that isn’t from your paid advertising efforts or by directly entering the RevSite URL.

So, why are there so many myths about call tracking? A lot of them come from a misunderstanding of best practices, so let’s debunk some of the myths!

And for the purpose of this blog, we'll be looking at these myths from RevLocal's perspective.

Myth #1 – It’s Not Helpful

I’m not sure where this myth came from, but it’s not true!

Call tracking is actually an industry best practice and a tool as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

With call tracking, you can listen to the calls and figure out what type of calls are coming from your RevSite. Ultimately, this will allow you to improve your strategy moving forward!

Some of our clients use call tracking as a training tool to make internal improvements, too. For example, if the phone rings too long before the voicemail picks up; this allows you to see when customers are hanging up.

Myth #2 – Recorded Calls from Referrals or Existing Clients Aren't Valuable 

We hear this myth far too often at RevLocal!

The truth is, your existing clients don't have your information memorized as you'd expect. Most of the time they rely on a Google search, which is even more helpful with Google Assistant.

After you start listening to your calls, you’ll begin to realize how many of your “regular” customers don’t have your business phone number saved.

Most of the time, it takes more steps to find a contact in your phone than to do a Google search.

Unless someone has worked for a marketing company, it's not likely that your customers will notice it's a different number.

It's important to know how everyone finds you regardless of if they know you or not. People can take different paths every time they need your business when contacting you, and it's crucial to track that. 

Myth #3 – Call Tracking Creates NAP Issues

This myth is pretty popular because this tool is commonly misused, but it’s time to debunk it! When you use a code in the backend of your site, the tracking number will only display to your visitors once they enter your website.

This means that when directories or search engines crawl your website, they only see your actual business phone number rather than the call tracking number.

At RevLocal, we won’t add your call tracking number to your website or your online listings. We only utilize the RevSite for call tracking.

You also may be thinking, since you stressed that all the NAP info needs to be consistent, won't the call tracking number mess it up?

The answer? No! The call tracking number is only visible when a visitor enters your website. 

Myth #4 – I’ll Need to Get a New Phone Number

This is a huge myth! When you utilize call tracking, you will get a specific number for call tracking, but that doesn't mean you need to change your business's phone number.

Having different numbers allows you to see which marketing campaigns your calls are coming from!

You won't need to install any new hardware or be required to get a new phone number. We can handle this process for you without any changes on your end.

Final Thoughts 

There may be many myths about call tracking, but in the end, it's an extremely beneficial tool that your business should be using!

If you're a RevLocal client and you use the call tracking feature through your local search plan, your digital marketing strategist will have a better understanding of how you interact with your customers, which leads to a better strategy.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo today! 

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