6 Social Media Marketing Techniques for Your Funeral Home

When it comes to marketing your funeral home on social media, it's important to be creative yet relevant. Check out our six techniques you can start using!

6 Social Media Marketing Techniques for Your Funeral Home

We know that social media marketing for the death care industry can be different and complex in many ways.

You may be telling yourself that digital marketing isn’t needed for your funeral home, or you know that you need advertising, but it continues to get pushed aside because arrangements come up, and helping families always comes first.

As for any industry, to be effective, social media has to reflect a balance between creativity and relevancy.

When executing a social media strategy for your funeral home, you do not want to over saturate your messaging, but it is important to educate and convey your services effectively.  

Continue reading to learn six effective social media marketing techniques for funeral homes.

1. Highlight Your Online Services

Using social media platforms to showcase services that you offer is a must.

During these times of rapid change, if you are offering phone, text, email or online arrangements, you especially want to highlight these options. This will help families to feel comfortable knowing that they can choose the method that is best for them.

Also, do not forget to add if you offer cremations, graveside services, pre-planning, etc.

2. Share Your Story

We are sure that you and your staff are amazing, so take the time to broadcast that.

This is a great way to show families who they will be working with, as it may help them to feel more comfortable during this difficult time.

Often, there is a history behind your funeral home. We recommend finding those old photos and post a Throwback Thursday. Your community will love to see memories of generations past.

3. Educate Your Audience

In addition to highlighting your services on social, you can also create and publish posts that focus on educating.

It is essential to have social media messaging that drives home the value of your services.

If you have a few favorite sites that highlight tips, such as what to wear to a funeral or how to show compassion for a family during their time of need, you can share them on your page too (this is known as curated content).

4. Share Testimonials

As discussed, we already know that your reputation and your history in the local community is important, but it does not stop there.

You must work to get consistent testimonials and reviews.

If a family mentions that they felt that you made their difficult time easier, follow up with them to ask if they would be willing to share that feedback online.  

5. Share Videos

Videos have been trending, so it is important that you share video messaging on your social media platforms, too.

You can start by sharing a video of you or your staff answering those most asked questions or just explaining more information about your services.

You can also share a virtual tour of your funeral home so that family and friends who have never been there will feel a little more comfortable once they arrive.

Click here to learn more about growing your social media impact with video content. 

6. Post Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

When you post obituary information, you are honoring the loved one of a family.

This will also make it easier for family and friends to keep up with arrangement times and give them the opportunity to share their memories and condolences online.

Just remember, once you start sharing obituary information, you must continue for everyone who gives you permission.

Final Thoughts

Many funeral homes are working to increase their online advertising, so it’s the perfect time for you to start focusing on your digital presence! 

It's time to set goals, decide on a strategy and get posting!

At RevLocal, our team is here to help you create a personalized social media strategy. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with our team of experts.

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