A Day in the Life of a RevLocal Digital Marketing Strategist

Are you looking for a new career in digital marketing? Read our blog to learn about the digital marketing strategist role at RevLocal!

A Day in the Life of a RevLocal Digital Marketing Strategist

Are you searching for a new career in digital marketing? We're always looking to add new digital marketing strategists to our team.

If you love building relationships, work well within a team environment and you love integrated marketing strategies, you belong at RevLocal!

Keep reading to learn what the digital marketing strategist role entails on a day-to-day basis and how you'll be helping businesses across the country grow through marketing their business online. 

What Is a RevLocal Digital Marketing Strategist?

As a digital marketing strategist, you will collaboratively work with our internal teams to develop personalized integrated marketing strategies that will help to deliver successful results to small business owners.

You will also create value for clients by communicating suggestions that will help them improve their business and marketing performance.

What Is the Typical Schedule of a Digital Marketing Strategist?

Being a strategist, you have the flexibility to manage your daily schedule.

With collaboration between you and your clients, you will schedule monthly conference calls with each client where you will review their digital analytics from marketing efforts and suggest customized strategies to implement for the next month or the next quarter.

Prior to having these conversations with your client, you will want to research relevant trends in their industry.

To stay on top of this, it’s best to look at your entire week at the end of the day on Friday or early Monday morning. You want to make sure that you stay on top of all of your clients’ interests and needs.

Often, small business owners wear multiple hats and from time to time may have to reschedule our conference call because of life happening. This is always a great opportunity to remind them why they partner with us by showing them that we have their digital marketing handled.

As we know, the digital world is constantly changing, so in order to be the most trusted digital marketing partner for our business owners, we believe in taking time for personal growth. You will have meetings throughout the week that will be an investment for you so we can all stay up to date with industry trends.

The Bad, Good and Best Days as a Digital Marketing Strategist

A bad day is when you don’t take control of your schedule. We want to meet the needs of our clients, always, but we must manage a realistic schedule so we can do this effectively.

A good day is when you learn something new by overcoming a challenge. There will be challenges along the way, but knowing how to learn from those challenges is key. This will really impact your personal growth.

The best day is when you realize that you made a difference in the life of a small business owner. Small businesses become part of our lives, and our communities wouldn’t be the same without our local hard-working entrepreneurs.

Tips for Strategists

As you begin your career at RevLocal, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Remember to be humble, but be the expert. You want to remind your clients why they hired RevLocal to be their trusted business partner.
  • Be creative by thinking outside the box. It’s great to look to see what other businesses are doing, but don’t copy their marketing strategies.
  • Be organized because you will manage several clients at one time. You have to remember to follow up with clients and deliver on your promises.
  • Remember that no two days will ever be the same. Be flexible and use your time wisely.
  • And, have a great student mentality. How coachable are you during times of rapid change?

Final Thoughts

At RevLocal, we choose to work with small and medium-sized businesses because we can feel the rewards by being part of their business plan.

As a digital marketing strategist, you have the opportunity to deliver life-changing results for these small businesses. When a small business flourishes, we all flourish!

If you're ready to start your career at RevLocal, view our corporate careers today! Or, if you're interested in our sales career opportunities, read all about a day in the life of a RevLocal sales consultant

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