All About RevLocal’s Brand Expander Plan

How can RevLocal's Brand Expander plan help create demand for your business? Learn all about this paid advertising strategy in our blog!

All About RevLocal’s Brand Expander Plan

In today’s digital world, it’s essential that your business has an online presence. However, that doesn’t simply mean just having a website and Facebook page.

While increasing your business’s exposure can take time, utilizing paid advertising can help speed up the process!

At RevLocal, we offer a paid advertising plan called Brand Expander that was created for business owners with a lower budget in mind. In this blog, I’m going to break down what this plan offers businesses and the benefits behind this paid advertising option.

What Is Brand Expander?

Gaining leads is an important part of paid advertising, but you first need to create demand for your business that way consumers are more likely to choose you over the competition.

With Brand Expander, the main focus is on creating demand for your business and spreading awareness (while we also offer a Targeted Ads option, this blog will only explain Brand Expander).

Similar to a billboard on the side of the highway, think of Brand Expander as your online billboard for consumers to see.

Brand Expander uses an impression-based paid advertising tactic to reach more online audiences. The more consumers see your brand and what you offer, the more likely they will trust you when it comes time to utilize your products or services.

Each month, our team will guarantee your business a specific number of impressions. The higher your impressions, the more awareness is being spread.

Our Brand Expander plan utilizes a few different strategies on the Google Display Network and Facebook/Instagram Newsfeeds  and Stories (based on your price-tier):

  • Retargeting – To stay top of mind of your consumers, retargeting allows you to reach them after they’ve left your website
  • Geofencing – Otherwise known as location targeting, this option allows our team to target audiences based off their location

How Can Brand Expander Benefit My Business?

As a local business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to compete with the big box stores in your area, which is why it’s important for consumers to recognize your business/brand.

By utilizing Brand Expander, our team can create ads that expose your business to a larger audience in your local area.

Nowadays, 52 percent of conversions are driven by mobile advertising. This means that you need to be reaching consumers at the right place and the right time as they are always on the go.

Not only should you be creating the demand initially, but you also need to make sure you’re keeping them in the marketing funnel by using retargeting.

It might be hard to believe, but 96 percent of website visitors leave without taking any action. Retargeting can help you stay in front of your website visitors and remind them why they should choose your business.

While leads are important to help you determine your ROI, you first need to get consumers into your marketing funnel. In a sense, creating brand awareness can be compared to gaining trust for your business.

Think about it – As a consumer, do you choose a random business you’ve never heard of, or do you visit the same business over and over because you know them and have an experience with them? It’s likely you choose the same business.

Brand Expander is the paid advertising strategy you need to start gaining that trust and getting in front of the right audience so you can move them further down the funnel.

And it’s important to note that repeat customers are worth 10 times their first purchase. Once you’ve gained them as a customer, it’s likely they will continue to choose your business. By adding on Brand Expander* to your strategy, you will end up with quality customers in the long run.

When Should I Use Brand Expander?

There are many opportunities for your business to incorporate Brand Expander into your marketing, but we wanted to discuss a few specific examples:

  • Grand openings or relocating your business
  • Featuring a new product or service
  • Wanting more foot traffic for your business

Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the advertising process while following industry best practices to help you reach the proper audience. We may even recommend a cross-platform strategy based on your business's goals and budget!

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising can be helpful in a variety of ways, but it’s key that you begin by creating demand for your business!

Adding RevLocal’s Brand Expander option into your strategy can help you spread awareness for your business within your local community. If consumers don’t know your business is there, they won’t consider choosing you to begin with.

If you’re ready to utilize Brand Expander in your paid advertising strategy, click here to learn more or request a demo with one of our digital marketing experts!

*Please note that Brand Expander ads can only be used as an add-on option to our Local Strategy and Targeted Ads only.

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