Facebook Ads Manager Updates You Need to Know

There are some recent updates to Facebook Ads Manager! Here's what you should know.


Every change counts in the marketing world, especially when it comes to managing your business’s Facebook page!

And while Facebook is keeping us in the loop on monthly changes with its ‘What’s New with Ads Manager’ page, we’re here to break down exactly what Facebook’s most recent Ads Manager update entails and what they could mean for the future of your advertising practices.

Don't forget that Facebook made some updates to its Ad Relevance Score in early 2019 (this was a pretty big update that we don't want you to miss).

Now, let's dive into the real reason you are here.

New Asset Groups

First, let’s talk about Facebook Asset Groups. Have you ever wished to better organize your Ads Manager around different areas of focus for your business? Well, you’re in luck!

As a part of its recent updates, Facebook is giving Ads Manager the capability to break up Business Manager by assets.

What exactly does that mean? Take a business with locations in different regions of the world for example. Rather than managing the ads for all of these locations in one spot within Business Manager, a business can now break up their Ads Manager into assets for the different regions where their business is located.

Simply put, this asset feature is restructuring the management process by giving more direct access and organization to specific areas of work within a business’s Ads Manager.

Ad Placement Updates

The second Facebook Ads Manager update that came in the past month involves new ad placement options.

It may sound simple but where you place an ad on Facebook is important! Placement can have a significant impact on the success of a campaign, sales, etc. and this update will give way to improving the outcome of ad placement decisions.

In fact, research has found that where an ad is placed can change click-through-rates by 400 percent and inevitably influence ad prices and conversions.

For those who are experienced in ad placement, the changes are noticeable but manageable. They are focused on the layout and functionality of the Placement feature.

Now, placement options will be grouped by how people will experience an ad across different platforms.

This means if someone in Ads Manager wants to set up an ad in Stories, for example, they can view how the Story will be streamlined across platforms.

Additionally, Placements will give single media recommendations to users. This means Placements will suggest the specific image or video size, quality, etc. that best fits across platforms depending on which ad placement a user chooses.

Final Thoughts

All caught up? We hope so, but we also understand that social media and advertising is constantly changing. Because of that, we want to help!

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