Google Introduces New Review Carousel on Business Listings

Google recently made some changes to how reviews on Google My Business (GMB) listings appear! Learn all about the new carousel format in our blog.

Google Introduces New Review Carousel on Business Listings

Google is always keeping us on our toes! This time it is updating the format for how users can view reviews on Google My Business (GMB) listings for businesses.

Keep reading to see all that this change entails and what it means for your GMB listing!

Carousel Reviews

It was recently discovered and eventually confirmed by Google that GMB listing reviews are getting a makeover.

No longer is a Google user required to scroll down on a GMB listing to find the reviews for the business. Instead, Google is placing business reviews higher up on a GMB’s listing. Now Google reviews can be found directly above the listed address, hours, phone number and more for the business.

It’s important to note that this update is currently not in place for every GMB listing but we expect them to roll out to most listings in the near future.

This update is not limited to a higher placement of reviews on a GMB listing because now these reviews will be viewable in a carousel format.

What exactly is a carousel format, you ask?

Well, a carousel layout allows a user to scroll through listing information horizontally rather than vertically. So, instead of scrolling as you typically would through reviews from top-to-bottom, you will now have the ability to scroll from side-to-side.

This option allows users to see more than the three previews of reviews that the prior format offered. In order to see more, users had to click the “View all Google reviews” option. Now they may click or swipe to scroll through multiple reviews before clicking a “view all” selection.

This isn’t the first carousel update Google has made. Read this blog to learn more about the local search carousel updates that came to Google recently.

What This Means for Your GMB

This proves just how important reviews are to your business and your Google listing.

Google is taking action to make sure your reviews are even more visible and accessible to people who are searching for your business. So, this should be more motivation for your business to get positive reviews!

To stay ahead of your business’s review needs, check out these review-related blogs for the best pointers on how to manage, gain and improve your business reviews:

Final Thoughts

Your business profile on Google is important to the exposure and performance of your business.

Stay ahead of the GMB changes that Google makes to know how to strategize your digital marketing to fit the new layouts and formatting that may come to profile.

When it comes to this most recent review carousel update, think about adjusting your marketing strategy to help improve and grow your Google reviews.

To get started with this, give our review marketing services a look and request a demo for more information.

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