How Pinterest Can Boost Your Business's Reach Online

Have you considered using Pinterest for your business? Check out our blog to learn how this social media platform can help boost your business's online reach!

Pinterest Boost Business Reach Online

As a small business, you’ve probably considered different social media strategies for platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, just to name a few, but do you know why Pinterest should be considered in your strategy?

In this blog, we will discuss some top marketing tips and the benefits of using Pinterest for your local business.

Here’s why Pinterest could be your next marketing success.

Pinterest who?

Pinterest might not be first of mind when it comes to having a social media presence, and because of this, you may not know much about the platform at all.

With an extensive catalog of images, Pinterest is used to “pin” photos that are relevant to its users. Whether you are looking for dinner recipes or inspiration for an upcoming art project, Pinterest has the visual content users need to get inspiration in many avenues of life.

It also gives users the ability to share their own visual content that others can “pin” for themselves to share in the community.

The platform curates results in your feed to match the content that you engage with most. So, if you enjoy pinning or viewing photos of vacation destinations, your feed will be filled with new photo content for that topic.

But how can Pinterest extend to your business?

When it comes to utilizing different social media platforms, you should have a decent understanding of the types of content that perform best and the features that are exclusive to the site.

Here are a few of the marketing tips and considerations you should draw from when building your Pinterest strategy.

Create “pin” worthy content

In the case of Pinterest, how-to's, infographics and tutorials are highly engaging and educational for Pinterest users.

If you have a bridal salon or wedding service business, for example, you can put together step-by-step infographics to help brides prepare for their wedding day.

Or, what about your auto repair businesses? Put together quick and straightforward how-to's or tutorials for your followers and other Pinterest users to view when they need help with at-home car repairs.

By creating a Pinterest marketing strategy that utilizes content like this for your small business, you are likely to build a presence that encourages and motivates users to interact with your posts.

In addition, by putting out this informative content, your reliability on the platform will grow.

Drive users to your website

Have an interesting graphic or photo that users may want to know more about? Well, take it to Pinterest!

Here is a great opportunity to have users cross over from your social media to your website. Pinterest allows you to post great visual content to your page that can easily link to your business’s website.

Whether you post a photo of new products that are available for sale through your website or interesting graphics that link back to a blog, just to name a few, this is a great way to lead Pinterest traffic to your webpage.

Bonus tip: Make sure the visual content, whether it is a photo, infographic or more, that you post or re-pin on your page, is high quality! Users are more likely to take time to view your post and even pin it if the visual is crisp, clear and (if it has text) easy to read.

Make visual search an option

If you want to take completing sales through Pinterest to the next level, then you’re in luck!

Pinterest has become a leader in the visual search space with its accessibility to purchase products directly on the platform. If you are looking for more details on visual search and its function on platforms like Pinterest, Google and Instagram, click here.

Simply put, Pinterest has technology that allows users to immediately shop something that catches their eye.

With the visual search feature “Shop the look,” users can easily view buying options for items in a pin that they like. And with the “Lens” tool, users are able to take photos of physical items that they are interested in to find results for the item to purchase on Pinterest.

So, setting up your business’s capabilities to show up in these purchase results is yet another outlet to bring in sales!

Build a community

Don’t overlook the connections your business can make on social media, especially Pinterest.

Within a Pinterest profile, users and business pages can create “boards,” which house a group of similar image pins that a user saves on the board.

For example, if a jewelry business is releasing a new collection, they can create a board with the name and season and, in it, include photos of the jewelry in that collection.

When it comes to building community, what do these boards have to do with it?

Well, Pinterest users can follow your boards, and you can even take it a step further by inviting certain users to join some of your boards. By doing this, they can add content that they think fits well with the board and ultimately feel more connected to your business!

Not only that, but remember to follow your loyal followers back! This is yet another way to show your appreciation for their support and grow your reach within the Pinterest community.

Final thoughts

The options for getting your business seen and heard through a platform like Pinterest are very different from that of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

With new and innovative ways to sell your products straight through social or to send users directly to your website, Pinterest is a visual platform with endless opportunities for business exposure!

If you need help with your business's social presence, make sure to request a demo with one of our digital marketing experts to find out what platforms are right for you! 

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So, why not get started on Pinterest? Check out RevLocal's page to begin your journey!

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