How to Market Your Jewelry Store Throughout the Year

It's vital that you market your jewelry store all year long! Check out our blog for some digital strategies to consider utilizing for your business.

How to Market Your Jewelry Store Throughout the Year

It’s easy to associate jewelry shopping with seasonality. You or someone close to you is most likely to buy jewelry around the holiday season or for Valentine’s Day, but shopping for jewelry is not limited to specific seasons!

This is why your jewelry business should focus on marketing all year rather than stopping during “off-seasons.”

In this blog, we will help guide you through the best strategies for marketing your jewelry business depending on the time of the year. For additional information on marketing throughout the year, click here.

Paid advertising before the boom

Sure, every business has busier and more profitable seasons, and for jewelry businesses, preparing for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the holiday season is essential.

The best way to approach booming seasons is to increase your paid advertising efforts as these holidays approach.

Give your customers enough time before the holiday to see your ads by running them two or three months early. This way, customers can see your ads early enough to place orders or make in-store purchases before the important holiday rolls around.

There is a huge pay off in using paid ads strategically to meet the current demands of customers.

It's important to note that your business can focus your paid ads budget around these big holidays, but it's still crucial to use additional advertising methods during other times of the year.

Even consider creating seasonal ads that highlight the services your jewelry business offers. For example, running ads that promote your jewelry repurposing services around popular engagement seasons can be highly effective.

Review marketing when sales are slow

It’s inevitable. Your jewelry business, just like any other business, will experience periods highs and lows when it comes to sales. So, don’t get discouraged during the lows!

Instead, focus on marketing that best suits your business and your customer’s needs during this time. Sometimes customers need a reminder about how great your business is!

To achieve this, try focusing on your business reviews.

An essential step in using review marketing is to increase the number of reviews your business has. By working to gain these reviews from customers who have recently visited your store, your business's reputation will grow.

This growth in reviews comes with additional benefits from Google. Google is likely to view your business as more credible and show your Google My Business listing higher in rankings when you have a large amount of highly rated reviews.”

Because of the increased ranking and growing reliability that comes from reviews, customers will continue to see your business at the forefront of internet searches and view your business as dependable and worth investing in.

Social media all year

One of the most effective and practical ways to market to potential jewelry customers year-round is by utilizing social media. That’s right; social media is beneficial at any point in the year!

Think of it like this. While holidays are limited to one specific day of the year, events like anniversaries and birthdays are not. Everyone celebrates on different days and seasons, which is just one reason why your digital marketing is never limited to a specific time of the year.

For fashion and boutique jewelry lines, this is especially true. Customers are drawn toward more inexpensive and wearable jewelry for daily wear, and purchasing products is not defined by a season.

So, use social media to create posts that discuss new or popular products and services your business offers, interact with followers who comment on or repost your posts, engage and grow connections with other local jewelry businesses and more.

Social media provides endless opportunities to keep followers and potential customers interested and interacting with your business. This engagement is essential to stay at the top of mind of consumers when their need to purchase jewelry arises.

Are you having trouble getting followers to engage with your social media content? Click here to learn how to improve this interaction.

Final thoughts

There’s complexity in handling digital marketing for your local jewelry business. Still, you should never feel limited by “off-seasons” as they are simply an opportunity to market in new ways.

If you are feeling discouraged by your current digital marketing strategies, click here to request a demo from one of our trained digital marketing experts.

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