How the Growth of Online Tools Impacts Urgent Cares

Telehealth and online booking portals are growing in popularity for urgent care centers. Find out how these online tools impact urgent cares when it comes to marketing.

Growth Online Tools Impact Urgent Cares

With the growth of tools and resources online, urgent care centers across the country are beginning to adapt to new digital marketing strategies.

In our need-it-now world, patients visiting a medical office or urgent care want to be seen quickly and at a time that is convenient for them.

While telehealth (virtual appointments) and online booking has always been around, our team has seen an increased use of these online tools for our medical clients.

In turn, this means adjusting digital marketing strategies (while still complying with HIPAA) to include the promotion of these online tools.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the best strategies urgent care centers can use when it comes to showcasing their telehealth and online booking features.

Marketing Your Urgent Care’s Telehealth Tool

When it comes to telehealth, your patients and potential patients need to know this is a service you offer. So, what’s the best way to communicate this through marketing?

When it comes to creating more exposure for your urgent care center, we recommend running a paid advertising campaign that focuses on brand awareness.

Potential patients will choose an urgent care they are familiar with, so you need to build trust by running ads that create more exposure, such as social ads and banner ads focusing on your services, including telehealth.

Patients will see these ads and remember your name the next time they are searching for an urgent care center near them (keep in mind that your local search presence plays a role when patients are searching for your business). These awareness ads help get more potential patients into the marketing funnel.

Because telehealth is a growing tool and is a convenient option for patients, it’s best to start advertising these services early before other medical practices hop on board.

At RevLocal, our Brand Expander paid advertising plan is here to help with your awareness needs when highlighting your telehealth tool. Click here to learn even more about this marketing tactic.

Incorporating Your Urgent Care’s Online Booking Portal

We’ve all experienced it before – You get to urgent care with a cold, sore throat or some non-threatening injury, and there’s a line of patients in front of you. The last thing you want to do is wait to be seen.

Having an online booking portal for your urgent care is essential for today’s on-the-go patient.

When you incorporate your booking portal into your Google My Business listing, advertising, website and more, you’re giving patients the ability to make their appointment more convenient.

On top of reaching them through your digital marketing efforts, your patients will also be able to quickly make an appointment and not have to worry about a wait once they arrive to your urgent care.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your industry, there are online tools and resources businesses can utilize. As a medical business or urgent care center, it’s crucial that you start adapting to the changes online.

When it comes to promoting your online booking portal or telehealth appointments, it’s best you work with an expert who understands your industry and the unique needs you have.

Our certified medical marketing experts are here to create a digital marketing strategy that works for your business while complying with HIPAA regulations.

If your urgent care is ready to be found and chosen online by patients in your area, request a demo with a local consultant to learn more about the marketing plans we have available.

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This post was created in collaboration with Dylan Weaver, a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist in our medical pod.

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