How to Best Utilize Paid Advertising for Your Medical Spa

How's your digital marketing going for your medical spa? Continue to build your online presence by incorporating paid advertising! Here's how you can best utilize paid ads.

How to Best Utilize Paid Advertising for Your Medical Spa

Is your medical spa looking for a new way to build your online presence and client base? By focusing on paid advertising, your business is likely to see the impact that strategic and thoughtful advertising can have. 

We know, paid advertising can sound scary. There’s a lot on the line, most notably, your money!

To make paid advertising a slightly less daunting obstacle, we have gathered some of the most important information and strategies you can utilize when it comes to advertising for your medical spa! 

Use the following tips to build confidence in your paid advertising strategy and help your wallet breathe a sigh of relief.

Be mindful of your audience

This always sounds self-explanatory, but there are technicalities that come with each industry.

As you approach paid advertising for your medi spa, remember that no customer is the same, and you can never make assumptions in your ads.

What do we mean by assumptions? These assumptions could involve trying to appeal to customers with ads that target reaching a “goal weight” or getting “perfect skin.” Medical spa services are not one size fits all, and neither are your customers!

Don’t alienate your customer base or create unrealistic expectations for them when it comes to advertising your services.

Your paid ads should be straightforward and wide-ranging. This will help you avoid excluding patients who may not fit those idealized advertisements, proving your services are fit to any client!

This also extends to the visual content of advertisements. Remember to keep it professional!

We understand that the medical spa industry involves invasive work and showing the results of the services that are offered but do not include images in your advertisements that show too much skin.

Maintain an appropriate level of sharing your services by showing informative visuals and photos while remaining professional and mindful of how much you share.

Update for the season

Customers have different needs during different times of the year. So, make sure your advertisements are meeting those seasonal needs!

Keep your ads updated for the season by considering which services are most popular during that time of the year.

For example, if customers are more inclined to get laser hair removal before summertime, update your paid ads during the winter and spring months to promote your laser hair removal services, prices, etc.

Customers don’t want to see the same advertisement over and over again. By switching up your ads, you can maintain the attention of your customers as well as show off the many services that your business offers.

Is your business currently going through an off-season? Give this podcast a listen to learn more about how to tackle digital marketing during this difficult time.

Utilize geofencing

Your business is great, but not everyone can benefit from your services if they aren’t nearby your medi spa.

Because of this, your medical spa advertisements are best suited to target people in your area who are searching for services like yours!

This strategy is known as geofencing. By using geofencing, your business can set up a specific area where, when customers enter the area, your business’s ad will show up on their mobile device either through search engines or social media websites.

Geofencing allows your business to target certain people based on different customer characteristics. For medical spas, targeting people who have previously visited your website, searched for services that you offer, etc. can be beneficial.

Medical spa services, most of the time, require clients to be in the office to purchase and utilize those services, so geofencing is perfect for reaching those who are close to your business to motivate them to stop in!

Click here to read more about the specifics surrounding geofencing.

Final Thoughts

The medical spa industry requires strategizing in many aspects of digital marketing, but effective paid advertising has a huge impact on the success of medical spas.

As you know by now, paid advertising is an ongoing strategy, so make sure you have an expert to help you through the changes your business may experience. Click here to learn more about the paid advertising services that RevLocal can provide your medical spa business. 

Take the time to learn more about the changes that have come to RevLocal’s paid advertising plans here and get started with your medical spa’s paid advertising strategy today by requesting a demo.

This post was created in collaboration with Lindsay Pridham and Nicole Roser, two Lead Digital Marketing Strategists at RevLocal.

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