How to Increase Conversion Rates

If you’re ready to rev up your website’s conversion rate, read on for our simple and effective strategies.

The average conversion rate for a website is 2%. As far as conversions go, that 2% is considered a pretty good rate. The good news is, whether your website is at that average or below, it doesn’t have to stay there.

If you’re ready to rev up your website’s conversion rate, read on for our simple and effective strategies.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Use a landing page

  2. Write compelling CTAs

  3. Showcase testimonials and reviews

  4. Slim down the required form fields

  5. Offer a money back guarantee

1. Attach a landing page to ads instead of a website page

If you have online ads running, make sure the click takes them to a landing page that corresponds to whatever the ad was showcasing. By having the user arrive at a landing page instead of a page on your website, you have the opportunity to drive home exactly what you want them to do without any distractions.

Chances are, your website has helpful information that builds trust and rapport with potential customers but that doesn’t directly drive conversions. All of that information can be distracting and overwhelming to someone who just wants to buy a product or learn more about it. A landing page that only has information about the product and an easy path to buy will increase your conversions because there’s one easy and simple action for the user to take.

2. Write compelling CTA copy

Before you use traditional and tired CTAs like “Sign up”, “Buy now”, or “Click Here”, consider how you could be more creative and compelling.

Try using CTAs like “Get My Discount” or “Yes, I Want My Freebie.” CTAs like these immediately show the value that the user will receive once they click. They're more personal, too!

This simple update can really help improve your conversion rates!

3. Showcase testimonials and reviews

70% of customers read product or service reviews before making a decision. There’s a sense of security that comes when you know you’re not the first one to try out the product or service. Give customers that feeling by adding in reviews and testimonials!

Anything you can do to help the customer get as much information as possible about the product will ultimately help your conversion rate. You’ve worked hard to build quality products and earn happy customers. Make your past sales work towards new ones by showcasing their glowing reviews!

4. Slim down the required form fields

If your new customers need to give some information before they make a purchase, make sure the form is as simple as possible. Find out what information is essential and delete the rest.

One study found that for every field removed, conversions went up by 10%.

Don’t slim so far down that the data is of no use to you anymore; but odds are there are some fluff fields that you can trim down on. Do some research, make the cuts, and watch your conversion rates soar!

5. Offer a money back guarantee

A money back guarantee or full refund policy can provide that final peace of mind a potential customer needs before making a buying decision. Maybe you already offer this but it isn’t advertised at the point of sale or elsewhere on your site or landing page. Writing a few sentences or creating a pop up are easy ways to fix that problem and to offer new customers another layer of added security.

If you worry about losing money on refunds, don’t! Odds are, they’ll love your product and be a returning customer.

Final thoughts...

Making conversions simple and easily attainable isn’t hard to do. Simplifying the conversion process is key to improving your overall conversion rate! Implement and test these tips and we’re sure you’ll see results.

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