How to Market Your Job Openings

Is your business looking to bring in more talent? To do so, you have to properly market your job openings! Find out how by reading this blog!

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This past year has brought about countless changes for small businesses. For your business, one update may involve bringing on new employees or growing your team!

The process of attracting and hiring qualified employees can be difficult but we’re here to support you as we discuss the best ways to market your job openings.

Social Media Support

We’ve seen a natural intersection between job posting websites and social media in the creation of platforms like LinkedIn. In the process, social media has transformed how people find, apply for and discuss job opportunities.

So, are you actively utilizing social media to market your job openings to users?

If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you are probably well informed on the fact that social media is a great way to present a personal and approachable side of your business.

When a follower sees a job posting on your social media page, they will associate it with the welcoming and casual nature that you regularly present on the platform. This breaks down the intimidation factor of applying for a job and encourages people to take action!

The ease of communicating and interacting on social media builds the bridge for potential applicants to feel comfortable reaching out with questions or comments they may have regarding a job post on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Here are a few platform-specific tips we have for posting about job openings:

  • On Instagram, consider the impact that visuals carry on this platform! Include high-quality photos of what it looks like to work the job at hand.
  • On LinkedIn, stay highly informative and professional by providing extensive detail in the post and adding on-site photos.
  • On Facebook, videos have great engagement rates so consider putting together quick video posts and even utilizing the employment option to boost the post!

Website Accessibility

Are your job postings easy for website visitors to find?

For many businesses, including as much information as possible on their website is the main focus. But in the process of doing so, businesses may overlook the value of having a simple and direct website that drives their goals.

If you’re reading this blog, one of your goals is probably to effectively market your job openings. So, we recommend it’s time to revisit your website! When you do, evaluate if its layout is focused on directing website visitors to apply to jobs.

When you include clear calls to action, direct links and extensive job description information, your website will be properly equipped to market your job opportunities.

Take RevLocal's website for instance:

Here, there is a call to action at the forefront of the webpage with a button to send interested website visitors directly to our available job openings!

Are you looking to learn more about setting up an effective website? Click here to get all the details.

Highlight Employee Successes

Every business has employees that have found great success or can testify to an amazing work experience, and many are willing to share their stories!

As we know, first-hand and word-of-mouth recommendations have a huge impact on the reputation that a business can build. So, what’s one of the best ways to gain a positive standing with potential job applicants?

Marketing the positive experiences of your current employees!

Obviously, this needs to be done with their approval but for those who are willing to, making a video explaining their experience or posting a graphic that includes a quote about a work success is a great way to offer a first-hand account of what it’s like to be a part of the business.

Who can potential applicants trust to more to learn about a business than the people who work there?

So, consider marketing your job openings through this means, it’s an honest and personal approach!

Bonus: Underscore Safety Measures

Even though this is a bonus tip, it’s a must!

Safety and wellbeing have become huge needs coming out of 2020.

Make sure when marketing your job openings, whether it is on social media or job posting websites, that you are emphasizing the cautionary steps that your business is taking to prioritize the safety of your employees and customers!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to marketing job openings, the landscape has changed dramatically with the evolution of the internet and social media.

There is plenty to keep in mind when it comes to marketing job openings in order to attract quality candidates who will have a positive and extensive understanding of your business.

For those of you who are looking to land your next great job, check out these resources:

And make sure to visit our careers page to learn more about the job opportunities that RevLocal has to offer!

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