How to Understand Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

Ready to advertise on Facebook? Make sure you understand the campaign objectives before you get started!

How to Understand Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

You know you need to be running Facebook ads for your business, but how do you know what type of ad is best? It’s not as hard as you might think!

Read on for a breakdown of three of the top campaign objectives you can choose from and some tips to get you started.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads

Before you dive into creating your Facebook ads, it’s important to think about what goal your business is trying to achieve.

Do you want more people to know your business is there? Or are you wanting to find potential customers? Regardless of your goal, you must have one to be able to choose the right campaign objective!

Unsure of where to start? Our paid advertising experts can help you determine which campaign objective is best and give suggestions based on what works well for your industry.

Now that you have your goal, the next step is to choose your ad campaign objective.

Brand Awareness

There’s no doubt about it; we live in a digital world and it’s extremely important to put your business online to make sure it’s seen by customers.

Every business wants potential customers to be aware of their brand, which is why a brand awareness campaign is a great option to use across many industry types.

A brand awareness campaign objective allows your business to be shown to an audience that will most likely be able to recall your brand, which later means potential use of your service or the purchase of a product.

For example, imagine Coca-Cola. We’re sure you’ve seen and heard several different types of ads for this company, but think for a second – are they actually trying to sell you a product? Not really! Their ads create more exposure for their brand rather than selling their product.

Brand awareness ad campaigns do extremely well for our restaurant industry clients.

Lead Generation

Just as it sounds, lead generation campaign objectives do exactly that — get your business leads! 

With this campaign objective, this type of ad includes a contact form directly on Facebook. Sometimes called an "instant form," this ad type allows people to show their interest in a product or service without ever leaving their Facebook newsfeed.

Also, Facebook can automatically fill the contact forms with information from your profile, including your name, email and phone number. The result? An even easier user experience! 

Of course, every business wants leads! But you'll have to think about who will be filling out the contact form.

This type of ad campaign is good for the contract services industry when they offer quotes, the fitness industry when you offer a first class for free and many more!

Another perk about this type of ad campaign is that it's easy to make a conversion. Because the potential customer has already filled out the contact form with their information and expressed interest, you can follow up and seal the deal! 


Similar to lead generation objectives, the conversion objective's main goal is to have potential customers make a purchase or sign up for a service you offer.

However, the one main difference is that people are directed to your website instead of filling out a contact form directly on Facebook.

Facebook ads cannot encompass every aspect of your business, which is why using a conversion objective can help potential customers learn even more about your business by leading them to your website.

Conversion objectives are a great option for industries where a website conversion is a likely action. For example, requesting an insurance quote or a roofing quote.

Ad Placement Tip

With your Facebook ads, you pay per impression, so it's important to use as many placements as you can!

When you include more placements (more than just your Facebook newsfeed), your cost-per-click decreases, meaning that your budget is being spread further with increased exposure for your ad.

Some other placements include Facebook Stories and Messenger as well as your business's Instagram feed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Facebook ad campaign objective based on your industry is essential to your business. We know it can be a little confusing sometimes, which is why we're here to help!

At RevLocal, our paid advertising experts will work with you to choose the right campaign objectives based on your industry and your goals. We want to work with you, not against you.

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