How Your Marketing Can Make An Impact This Wedding Season

As consumer needs continue to transform in the wedding services industry, what should your marketing look like for this upcoming season? We discuss the need-to-know information here.

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No matter the industry you’re in, business as usual is not quite what it used to be. In the wedding industry, whether you run a bridal dress shop or a wedding planning business, the reality of this work has changed dramatically. That’s why the ability to pivot and refocus your digital marketing efforts can make all the difference.

Here are a few marketing strategies that you should keep in mind for the upcoming wedding season during this transformative time.

Virtual Appointments, Tours and Try-ons

Use technology to your advantage! With countless online outlets to make connections, offer services and more, your wedding business can establish relationships with and be more accessible for potential customers.

If you run a wedding consultation or planning business, virtual appointments are your best friend! Break down the barriers of keeping and managing in-person appointments with clients by setting up your interactions through programs like Zoom or Google Meets.

Even as businesses and office spaces continue to open up, you must bear in mind that clients are now accustomed to the convenience of virtual meetings. They will likely want the option to have an initial conversation this way when they choose to work with you!

Beyond this, many wedding venues are working to accommodate the bride’s and groom’s needs when it comes to holding their weddings at that location.

As distancing measures continue to remain a priority, hosting virtual tours of your venue so couples can make the best choice from the comfort of their home cuts the fuss out of the process of visiting countless venues. Instead, offering customers the option to take a step into your space without leaving their couch can make rather than break a potential sale.

And what about your bridal dress boutique? There are even virtual options for your interested brides.

We get it, the experience of coming into a dress shop is almost a necessity, but virtual try-ons are making that experience just a little simpler. By having the capabilities for a virtual try-on, brides can access your dress selection online to get an idea of what you have to offer and how the options may look on them before visiting your store.

This can cut down a lot of the trial and error that goes into dress shopping and can make visits much more efficient and beneficial!

Bonus tip: Consider social media livestreaming another saving grace for your dress boutique! Livestreaming is a growing outlet for retail businesses to share their products, and it could be a perfect platform for you. Read more about this opportunity by clicking here.

Reviews, Testimonials and Reputation Building

Think about it; what do customers want to know about your business now more than ever before? They want to know you can meet their needs effectively and safely, but that means you have to get the word out there about all that you offer!

One of the most influential ways to do so is by establishing a review presence for your business online. Are you practicing proper safety procedures, providing online shopping or consulting alternatives and staying communicative with clients through social media?

If so, these are just a few things that your reviews should be highlighting. This information provides insight into your business from current customers for potential clients!

There are some helpful tactics when it comes to encouraging reviews for your business, so make sure to check out this blog for more information on that topic.

You can take this option a step further by creating a process for gathering and sharing customer testimonials. If one of your wedding planning clients had an outstanding experience with your business that met all of their safety needs, then utilize their experience to put a video or social post testimonial together.

These testimonials can be used to highlight everything that makes working with your business such a positive interaction. And ultimately draw in more potential clients who are looking for a similar experience.

It boils down to emphasizing and utilizing the real encounters that customers have had with your wedding service business as a tool to promote your proactive and customer-centric business practices, especially in a time where the industry and needs of clients are changing by the day.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s all about taking the hassle out of visiting your business. Consumers have become accustomed to at-home conveniences, and the wedding industry is no exception!

By offering virtual interactions with your business and highlighting positive customer experiences, your bridal shop, wedding planning business or wedding venue can meet the changing needs of your clientele.

Although the wedding industry is very hands-on, the past year has brought about new virtual capabilities to make for more prosperous seasons to come.

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