Testing for Upgraded Google My Business Profiles Underway

It's time for another Google update! Check out a new feature they're testing for Google My Business profiles.

Testing for Upgraded Google My Business Profiles Underway

Google My Business (GMB) is undergoing some potential new changes that we’re excited to talk about!

GMB profiles are free for business owners. However, there is testing around an upgraded profile for a monthly cost.

It’s important to note that this new feature is still in an experimental phase for select GMB profiles and not available for businesses yet.

While we can’t confirm what these upgraded profiles will include, here’s what we’ve learned so far.

History of the Google Guarantee Badge

Google’s upgraded GMB profile will include a Google Guarantee badge if the business successfully makes it through the approval process.

This badge on the upgraded profiles stemmed from the badge home services businesses receive when they run Local Services Ads (LSAs).

When home services businesses run LSAs, a badge will appear at the top of a related Google search that says “Google Guaranteed” under their business name and star-rating.

While the badges look the same and the process for acquiring the badge is similar (learn about the eligibility requirements below), the difference is the Google Guarantee badge will show on your GMB listing, not at the top of Google in a paid advertisement.

The image below illustrates where the badge will appear on your GMB listing.

If you want to learn more about LSAs, check out these resources:

What Does the GMB Upgraded Profile Include?

Back in April 2019, Google began testing a subscription-based service for Google My Business profiles.

Google is continuing these tests with the Google Guaranteed certification for a monthly fee of $50 ($600 for an entire year) to select GMB profiles for businesses in the Home Services category.

However, your business still needs to follow Google’s eligibility rules and go through the necessary requirements before opting into this upgraded profile. This includes necessary background checks, license requirements and more.

A Google Guaranteed badge will appear on your business’s GMB profile within the local search results when consumers are searching for what your business offers.

How RevLocal Is Incorporating Upgraded GMB Profiles

At RevLocal, our team is always looking for ways to optimize our clients’ online presence.

With Google constantly testing new features, we’re keeping our eyes peeled if these new features will be beneficial for our clients.

If Google’s upgraded GMB profiles make it through testing with success, we will then determine how we can help our clients take advantage of this new feature.

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Final Thoughts

Google is continuing to expand its services and offer business owners more tools to help them find success in the digital world.

We know it can be tough to keep up with all the changes that Google makes! If you need help with your business’s online presence, our team has the experience to make your business stand out.

You can learn more about our services by checking out our website:

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This blog was written in collaboration with Erica Flinn, RevLocal's Senior Paid Advertising Manager, and Zac Herr, RevLocal's Local Search & Renown Manager.

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