The 3 Things Your Social Media Strategy Should Be Doing

When it comes to your business's social media strategy, you should make sure to connect, educate and entertain with your audience! Here are some ideas to add into your current strategy.

The 3 Things Your Social Media Strategy Should Be Doing

When it comes to using social channels for your business, a developed strategy is important but often overlooked.

Strategies may differ from industry to industry and based on your audience; however, no matter the differences, common themes occur within a successful social media strategy.

These concepts are by no means new, but their use now is more crucial than ever.

In this blog, we encourage you to consider the following ideas as you develop and adapt social strategies for your business.


In a time when social distancing is being practiced, consumers are yearning for a social connection. If you humanize your brand, creating that connection with your consumers will be easier.

When it comes to your social media channels, make sure you evoke emotion with engaging posts that understand and address your customers’ pain points. One post idea is to showcase your team with photos and employee spotlights.

Another idea is to support your community. Here are a few post options to consider when you’re planning out your content calendar:

  • Share organizations near and dear to your business. This can help draw more exposure to local charities with your endorsement.
  • Have you volunteered at a local shelter or donated to cause? Create content that looks forward to an upcoming event, then follow up by relaying those photos and experiences.
  • Congratulate your high school’s recent grads or a new business that opened near you.
  • Promote your vendor partnerships. We need each other, even as it relates to your relationship with other businesses!

Tip: When promoting organizations, events and other businesses, make sure to tag them, too. They benefit from the mention, but when they like, comment and share, you gain exposure to their fanbase as well. It’s a win-win!


As an authority in your business and industry, social media is a great way to showcase that expertise and address common questions of consumers as well as new questions the industry is facing.

Keep these suggestions in the back of your mind as you’re planning posts to educate your audience:

  • Utilize posts that share tips and tricks.
  • Share how-to videos.
  • Direct consumers to your blog content.
  • Invite them to your next webinar.

Tip: As you’re informing your customers, think of ongoing themes to create a series. Who specifically benefits from your expertise? (Ex. First-time homebuyers, seniors, DIYers, etc.) As you identify one problem they commonly face, what else do they need to know? And, think seasonally.


Show your audience your personality! At the end of the day, many of us use social media channels to disconnect from the day-to-day.

Although you are representing your business, entertaining your existing and future customers helps build their connection to you.

Get your thinking cap on and check out these post ideas:

  • Relate trending topics to your brand.
  • Include occasional videos and content that offer a little humor that engages your audience. Sporadic jokes and memes can lighten the mood when done professionally. Always keep the consumer in mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to use an emoji. Or two!
  • Share throwbacks. Have you been in business for 20 years? Your clients will chuckle to see back when you had hair or the way business was “back then.”

Tip: Stay on brand. While showing some personality is great, make sure that aligns with brand identity. While you may see initial engagement, misrepresentation can impact the brand in the long run.

Final Thoughts

In all the above strategies, the goal is to build your business’ credibility and trust while promoting engagement.

Ideally, your business should vary the content you post and employ all these strategies to some extent. Then, as things progress, reflect on the performance of your posts and adjust your content accordingly.

If social media isn’t your forte, our team is here to help! Learn all about our social media marketing plan or request a demo from one of our local consultants to start your journey with RevLocal.

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