What Can You Do Offline to Support Your Local Search Efforts?

Take your local search efforts offline to rank even better online! We have all the information you need to know right here.

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So, you’ve teamed up with RevLocal to build an online presence with strategic efforts to reach consumers in your local community, but you can’t stop here!

The face-to-face experience that local groups, customers and more have with your business is just as impactful as online optimization when it comes to drawing in local interest.

Do you know where to start when it comes to making offline connections?

Well, you better keep reading to find out the best tips for supporting your local search efforts when you aren’t on the internet!

Build B2B Relationships

Are your local relationships strong? Maybe you’ve focused your energy on building bonds with customers, but other businesses have fallen to the wayside.

It’s time to take control of your local relationships to help put your business on the map!

Think about B2B relationships this way. When you are looking to hire a professional for a service, you will likely ask someone you know and trust for a recommendation.

The same goes for your potential customers! Much of the time, consumers will rely on the professionals they currently work with to provide those trusted business recommendations.

The only opportunity for your business to be recommended in this instance is by having established relationships with other local businesses!

This way, your B2B network will grow and eventually, so will your clientele.

Get more information about establishing relationships in the small business world when you read this blog.

Gain Reviews

Now, we have plenty of tips when it comes to gaining online reviews and one of the easiest ways to do so builds on our last recommendation!

While building strong relationships with other businesses is essential, the same goes for your customers. When you have consistent, happy customers, they are likely willing to provide recommendations of your business.

So, when they are in your store making a purchase, consider encouraging them to leave a review about their experience.

Of course, it’s important to gauge which situation can call for this so make sure to check out this blog for some assistance when it comes to approaching this subject. 

Think of it as encouraging a review, rather than asking for one!

Ultimately, this will build a strong local reputation! Your offline efforts to provide quality customer service will translate to positive online reviews and local exposure.

Host Workshops and Events

Clearly, networking makes a huge impact when it comes to having a local presence.

Making any and all efforts to expand that reach should be a top priority. That’s why we recommend hosting workshops, events and more for your business!

These events can be held to celebrate your loyal customers or discuss industry insights and tips (just to name a few). Again, use these events as opportunities to establish reliability, credibility and generally, to display a commitment to the community.

And while contact is at a minimum right now, hosting virtual events and conferences are a simple and accessible way to maintain and build those local connections.

Get more details about creating and promoting one of these virtual events through Facebook when you read our blog.

And before you start planning your next event, make sure to check out this blog for all the necessary steps to host for success!

Final Thoughts

Not all of your online local search efforts are made through the internet!

That’s why you need to establish your business offline by building B2B relationships, gaining reviews and hosting events.

If you haven’t made these steps yet, our digital marketing experts are here to support and give you the guidance you need to find local search success. Click here to get the conversation started!

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