What You Should Know About RevLocal’s Targeted Ads Plan

Do you need to reach customers when they need you most? Find out why RevLocal's Targeted Ads plan is the paid advertising solution your business can depend on.

What You Should Know About RevLocal's Targeted Ads Plan

When you need to reach customers throughout the buying cycle, paid advertising is what your business needs! However, you shouldn’t start utilizing paid advertising blindly.

At RevLocal, we can help you determine your goals and create a paid advertising strategy that fits your needs.

We offer a paid advertising plan called Targeted Ads that helps you meet demand for your business as well as reaching consumers with an intent to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about RevLocal’s Targeted Ads plan.

What Is RevLocal’s Targeted Ads Plan?

With this strategy, we can help you stay ahead of the competition by using the latest trends and optimizations in paid advertising through Google Search ads, Facebook/Instagram ads and LinkedIn ads.

The Targeted Ads plan focuses on meeting demand when consumers are searching online or targeting relevant audiences through social media. Overall, this plan was created with leads in mind.

In some cases, though, our Targeted Ads plan can be utilized to create demand. While most of Targeted Ads is meeting demand with Google Search, some industry best practices call for strategies that create demand, like Facebook.

Our team of certified experts uses best practices to choose your strategy, create your ads and use keywords that work best for your industry. We’ll take the time to optimize your ads and maximize your budget, that way you get more clicks at a lower cost.

How Can Targeted Ads Benefit My Business?

Did you know that 90 percent of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions? Because of this, it’s almost essential to run ads in today’s online-focused world.

With a Targeted Ads plan with RevLocal, you’ll be able to generate more leads for your business by reaching consumers on a variety of platforms.

When your business shows up as an option when consumers are searching, it’s more likely a consumer will choose you over the competition.

Plus, when you pair our Targeted Ads plan with our Brand Expander plan, you’ll be able to reach consumers at every stage of the buying cycle.

You can learn more about our Brand Expander plan here.

Here’s what Lead Digital Marketing Strategist Greg Summy had to say about our Targeted Ads plan:

A Targeted Ads strategy can build your sales pipeline by being in front of customers at the most crucial time: when they make their decision on who to call. Targeted Ads aren’t an expense, they are a revenue generator.

When Should I Use Targeted Ads?

Targeted Ads are versatile in when you should be using them for your business.

For example, Google Search ads are great for research-based purchases, impulse buys and need-it-now business types.

Check out this example to help you visualize what these ads look like: 

Here are a few business types that fall into these categories:

  • Research-based  Education, furniture and healthcare
  • Impulse buys – Retail products, restaurants and salons
  • Need-it-now – Car wash, HVAC and plumbing

On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram ads are good for research-based decisions and impulse buys. Don't worry, we have an example of what these ads look like, too! 

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, paid advertising is a helpful strategy to reach more consumers. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to continue showing up in searches, you have to keep paying for these spots.

Combining your paid advertising strategy with local search, review marketing and social media is a great way to create a comprehensive strategy.

When you partner with us, we have your digital marketing handled. Our team uses a personalized approach to marketing. Every business is different, which means every marketing plan should be different, too!

If you’re ready to learn more about marketing for your business, request a no-obligation demo with a consultant in your area. Or check out some of our other free marketing resources:

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