Why Does My Law Firm Need Digital Marketing?

Answer this pressing question by reading up on our recommended digital marketing strategies.

Why Does My Law Firm Need Digital Marketing?

The way a law firm markets and advertises itself online is not a cookie-cutter, set-it-and-forget-it approach. In fact, your marketing strategy will vary depending on your field of practice.

Are you an estate planning attorney looking to meet with clients to discuss wills, trusts and the probate process? If so, your potential clients have a much longer research cycle than those looking for a personal injury or criminal defense attorney, which are the “need-it-now” types of law.

Whatever plan you put in place for your digital marketing, you need to keep in mind your potential client’s goals as much as those you hold for your firm.

So, we believe in the power of digital marketing for law firms, but if you need more convincing make sure to keep reading as we walk through the strategies you can implement to best reach your potential clients!

Local Search Is Your Marketing Foundation

Local SEO (search engine optimization) provides the hyper-localized digital foundation your firm needs to be found when internet users begin an area-specific search.

In other words, consumers complete an online search for lawyers or attorneys nearby.

By strategically utilizing keywords, following best practices and implementing a locally optimized website, your firm’s experience, professionalism and personality are on display to users who need your services.

Keeping these key local search elements at the forefront of your efforts will allow for your business to be not just top of mind, but at the top of those localized Google searches!

To learn more about local search marketing, check out these free resources:

Paid Advertising Reaches Clients at the Right Time

With a Google Search pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, your firm can strategically pay for practice-specific ads that draw from your marketing budget only when users click on them. That way, you’re not paying for views in searches unrelated to your areas of expertise.

Your ads show at the top of a Google search and are designed to catch the attention of users who have the intention of actually contacting an attorney.

Because 72 percent of users who search online for an attorney only contact one firm, a robust, continually-optimized paid advertising plan can be a very wise investment.

In a more impression-focused advertising vein, display ads on the Google Display Network and on social media work very effectively as digital billboards for your firm.

In fact, the Google Display Network reaches around 90 percent of global internet users!

Like a PPC campaign, RevLocal’s Brand Expander plan is hyper-focused on a particular practice area or service but operates more as a wide net that you cast into the local area to show your neighbors you’re here and ready to help represent their legal needs.

Review Marketing Can Bolster Your Practice

Word of mouth has been a stable marketing avenue for law firms for hundreds of years. It’s still alive and well today, even now in this digital age. When a former client of yours refers a family member or friend to you, it’s the highest compliment.

Digitally, your reviews are a major factor in a potential client’s decision to contact you.

Seeing your previous successes through personal stories from past clients holds a special kind of weight that you can leverage! The potential to boost your digital presence and offline business, in the long run, is unrivaled.

Final Thoughts

So, what do local search, paid advertising and review marketing do for your law firm? These marketing tactics can come together to create a holistic digital strategy that helps bring you to the next level.

As the world continues to focus more on digital tactics, it’s vital that you put your legal practice on the online map so clients find you when they need you most.

When you partner with RevLocal, we have your legal marketing handled. Get in touch with one of our team members today to get started!

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