Your Quick Start Guide to the RevLocal Marketing Platform

The Marketing Platform creates a strong partnership between you, your strategist and your business’s digital marketing success. Please review and save this guide to using the Marketing Platform!

With RevLocal’s Marketing Platform, you can easily stay connected to your marketing strategy and your RevLocal team. It’s never been more convenient to access and view your performance reporting, and keep your online presence fresh. This blog gives you everything you need to know about the platform’s capabilities and walks you through how to access your results anytime, anywhere.

The Marketing Platform’s Main Features

1. Connect with your strategist

The Marketing Platform makes it easy for you to contact your marketing strategist! Once you're logged into the platform, you can easily find the right person to contact if you have questions, need to update your strategy, or simply want to discuss your marketing program. We recommend using the platform’s online scheduling feature to set up a call with a strategist ahead of time! No more leaving voicemails, rescheduling calls or having to circle back with a follow-up email.

When you schedule a call, we are immediately notified and will confirm the date and time that works best for you.

2. View billing information

The Marketing Platform allows you to view your billing statements, upcoming invoices, payment methods and any other financial documentation associated with your account. You can even pay outstanding balances right within the platform!

Our secure and user-friendly interface makes navigating invoices and payment history quick and easy. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all of your business’s important digital information is safe and stored in a secure platform at one convenient location.

3. Manage business hours

Inside the Marketing Platform, you can easily manage important business details for your online profiles, including your regular business and holiday hours.

For example, during the holiday season, you can quickly update your business’s operating hours in real time and have that update published immediately across all your managed listings. If your business will be closed for any reason on a specific day, all you have to do is log into the platform and change your hours to “closed."

 Check out all of the other features inside the platform

4. Upload photos, logos and other media assets

You can upload photos and videos directly to the Marketing Platform for our team to use on your business’s online listings, social media posts, paid ad campaigns, website content and more. Easily view and label your uploaded files to guide how the files are used, keeping your strategy fresh.

We recommend regularly taking and uploading new pictures to the platform for your strategist to use, which you can do directly from your phone. Keeping your content up to date is essential. Photos are a strong signal to your social media followers and to search engine algorithms that your business is active, which helps you build your expertise, authority and trust with potential customers!

If you ever want a photo to be taken down or replaced, simply message your strategist within the platform, and they will take care of it for you. 

5. View campaign and reporting data 

We always aim to keep you informed about your business's online presence and digital marketing campaigns, ensuring they continue to attract new customers.

View your performance results using the easy-to-understand dashboards within the Marketing Platform to help you make informed decisions about your digital marketing. When you schedule a call with your strategist, log in to the marketing platform and follow along as you review your program with our team. This will help you understand the impact of your marketing strategy and help us work with you to identify areas needing extra attention.

The platform helps you spot trends over time so you can more easily see the impacts of strategy adjustments and how adding new plans to your program can change your results. We believe you should always know how your marketing budget is being put to use and see the results.

Note: If you’re new to RevLocal, know that it may several months for some results to be seen, depending on the plans in your digital marketing program.

6. Monitor reviews

When you have a Review Marketing plan, you can regularly view your business’s reviews — giving you valuable insights into what your customers appreciate most about your business and the products or services you provide. Partnering with your strategist to discuss what kinds of reviews are coming in may help you identify strengths and opportunities for your business!

If you come across a negative review, don't hesitate to reach out to your strategist for guidance on the most effective response. Responding to all reviews is in the best interest of your business. If a customer posts a glowing review, review it with your strategist; it may be worth sharing and highlighting it on your social media, website or elsewhere!

During your strategy calls, use the insights you’ve gathered from your customer reviews to help guide your business planning!

Final Thoughts

The RevLocal Marketing Platform creates an even stronger partnership between you, your strategist and your business’s digital marketing success. As you become familiar with the platform, feel free to reach out to your strategist for any questions! Whenever new features roll out, detailed updates will be added to the extensive help section and guides to assist you in making the most of our ongoing improvements.

RevLocal prides itself on being client centric; that is why we developed the RevLocal Marketing Platform for our clients. Our goal is to be your business’s digital marketing partner, helping you thrive amidst a rapidly-changing digital landscape. View our services or contact us for more information!

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