RevLocal Introduces Amazon Ads

We’re excited to announce the addition of Amazon Ads to our product plans. Learn more about what Amazon Ads can do for your business.

RevLocal Introduces Amazon Ads

March 22, 2024 — Earlier this week RevLocal unveiled their Amazon Ads plans. Both existing clients and new customers will now be able to leverage Amazon Display Ads as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Last December, RevLocal became one of Amazon’s first collaborators to test their new Display Ads program across various types of businesses. Previously, advertising on Amazon had only been available to brands selling products directly in the Amazon store. Now, advertising across Amazon’s extensive network is accessible to more businesses—specifically those that provide services relevant to customers visiting Amazon and their extended network of sites. RevLocal ran a successful pilot program with existing clients before officially adding Amazon Ads to their product portfolio.

During the pilot, RevLocal ran hundreds of campaigns, generating over 138 million impressions for their clients. The increase in overall visibility was huge for the small- to medium-sized businesses and multi-location brands RevLocal supports.

What are Amazon Sponsored Display Ads?

Display ads are online advertisements that combine eye-catching images with text. They also have a call to action (or CTA) that leads to a landing page.

You’ve most likely seen these types of display ads before while browsing online. They often show up along the top, sides and even in the middle of the content you’re viewing across all types of websites.

RevLocal’s Amazon Ads plans utilize an impression-based digital marketing strategy that aims to get your brand seen by as many potential customers as possible. Amazon Ads target shoppers buying relevant products and visitors browsing related categories on Amazon. Check out how other businesses benefited from RevLocal’s pilot program:

  • A crawlspace repair and basement proofing service company has been seen over 3 million times by audiences who were shopping for products like dehumidifiers, box fans and other products.
  • A cabinet company has been seen over 300,000 times in their local markets.
  • A local brewery used Amazon Ads to showcase their wedding venue and was seen over 1.2 million times.
  • A yoga studio was seen over 12,000 times by yoga enthusiasts in their local area.

Who is Eligible for a RevLocal Amazon Ads Plan?

Both existing clients of RevLocal and new customers may be eligible to add Amazon Ads to their digital marketing strategy. Amazon does have some requirements on the types of businesses eligible for their Sponsored Display Ads. These eligible industries include salons, landscapers, restaurants, automotive repair shops and more. You can reach out to RevLocal to see if Amazon Ads are a fit for your business.

RevLocal Introduces Amazon Ads

Interested in Signing Up for a RevLocal Amazon Ads Plan?

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get your brand in front of Amazon’s over 300 million active users. Taking advantage of Amazon’s first-party audience targeting will ensure your business is reaching the right customers at the right time.

RevLocal’s team of experts will handle the set-up, optimization and ongoing management of your ads campaign so you can focus on your business while getting all the benefits without the hassle.

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