All About Meta’s New Ad Placements

Meta is offering new ad formats and placements on Instagram and Facebook. This move is meant to be a win-win-win for Meta, advertisers, and individual content creators. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

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Meta is expanding where ads can show on Facebook and Instagram. Traditionally, ads have been kept to News Feeds, side bars, Stories and Reels. But now advertisers will be able to appear in more formats and placements like users’ profiles and explore pages.

Here’s the complete list of new ad placements on Facebook and Instagram:  

1. Post-loop ads in Reels 

Once a user finishes watching a Reel, if they want to watch it again, they’ll have to watch a four second ad first. The ad will play automatically before playing the Reel again.

2. In-profile ads on Instagram

Adult, public profiles will now show ads when a user scrolls through them. Profile owners will not be able to control which brands’ ads appear on their profiles, but Meta has said that the ads will be relevant content.

3. Ad carousels at the bottom of Facebook Reels

When a user watches a Reel, a carousel of ads from a single brand will appear beneath the video creator’s name and video caption. Users can click on the ads from the video to learn more about the product.

4. AR tech integrated with in-feed and Story ads

Users can take advantage of augmented reality to test advertised products right when they see an ad. Examples include viewing a piece of furniture in their room through their phone camera, testing new makeup or trying on clothing with the selfie cam.

5. Instagram Explore Tab ads

The Discover Page, also known as the Explore tab, will now show ads in the main photo grid. These ads will be placed according to the same ad auction as traditional placement auctions.

6. Multi-advertiser carousel ads on Instagram

After a user engages with an ad, they will be shown a carousel of similar brands and products. For advertisers, the hope is to get in front of individuals who are in a shopping mood. At this point, machine learning will decide which ads and brands are served alongside each other in the carousel. Advertisers will not be able to see which brands their ads have appeared with.

Why the change?

It’s speculated that these ad expansions could drive down the cost of Meta’s ads for advertisers and bring back business from competitors.

For creators on the platform, there’s a chance to make more money through ad hosting. Facebook Reels will share earnings with creators who host both post-loop ads and Reel carousel ads. As for the other ad placements, a revenue-sharing plan has not yet been established.

Content creators will be able to control which ads are seen in their Facebook Reels by using Facebook’s block list feature. However, they will still not have that control for their in-profile ads.

Final thoughts… 

Meta’s ad expansion offers new growth opportunities for both businesses and content creators. However, understanding which ads will perform best in the new placement remains to be seen.

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