Pinterest Partners with LiveRamp for Data Privacy Solution

As data sharing policies become more restrictive, companies like LiveRamp are creating new data sharing solutions for both advertisers and ad hosting platforms like Pinterest.


User data privacy has been at the forefront of the digital marketing world for several years. Updates to operating systems, search engines and ad platforms continue to restrict and change what kind of user data can be tracked, gathered, and shared.

In an effort to keep user data secure and as private as possible, while still offering valuable advertisements and content, Pinterest has partnered with LiveRamp to install “clean rooms” into their data processing systems.

Clean data room diagram

A clean room is a neutral, online space where two parties can dump and use data, but neither party gets full access to the other party’s data to use for their own purposes. For example: a clean room would enable an advertiser to use their user data to create targeted ads on a platform like Pinterest without having to share that data directly with Pinterest. The advertiser can run ads freely on Pinterest without Pinterest being able to harvest the advertiser’s data and use it for themselves.

LiveRamp is just one company who hosts and installs these clean rooms for various tech platforms. Pinterest’s implementation of LiveRamp’s clean rooms will allow Pinterest to offer advertisers effective targeted ads products while adhering to user data privacy policies.

Clean rooms were developed to circumvent the need for apps and platforms to directly share user data between one another. Meta and LinkedIn are implementing clean rooms as well and we expect this trend will continue wherever data is shared.

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