RevLocal Partners With DialogTech to Optimize Calls

The digital landscape is always changing, which is why we partner with DialogTech to analyze and optimize phone calls for our clients!

RevLocal partners with DialogTech to optimize calls

At RevLocal, we want to continually make optimizations to our services to help our clients gain more leads for their business. To assist with our efforts, we partner with DialogTech to analyze and optimize phone calls from every channel.

David Diebolt, our Senior Director of Product Strategy, told us,

The data and insights DialogTech provides for phone calls has become an integral part of the service we offer customers.

When we originally partnered with DialogTech in 2014, we were only focused on tracking calls for clients with paid advertising. Because of the great response and how the call tracking data helped build relationships with our clients, we began offering it to all clients!

Having this added insight provides valuable information to our clients that they really appreciate.

For each call that is received, DialogTech provides us with the following:

  • Caller profile data – This includes the phone number, geographic location, device the call is made on and more
  • Marketing attribution – Any type of marketing interaction that drove the call
  • Website interaction – Any activity that occurred before, during and after the phone call
  • Call experience insights – The length of the call and a recording of the call

After we’ve received this data from DialogTech, we use Google Analytics and Reveal, our marketing analytics dashboard, to measure the data and optimize for every step of the customer journey.

We also use call reports and recording to discover any issues as well as new opportunities for our clients.

For example, we analyze the call duration, day and time of the calls, recordings and call handling issues. “This level of insight into the call channel would not be possible without DialogTech,” Diebolt mentioned. 

We want to take a moment to thank DialogTech for helping us with measuring and optimizing calls for our clients! We’ve seen great success during our partnership and look forward to the next steps.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the case study on DialogTech’s website.

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