Your June 2019 Digital Marketing News Roundup

Catch up on everything that has happened in digital marketing in the past month and just what it means for your business's digital presence.

Your June 2019 digital marketing news roundup

What’s New in Digital Marketing?

As you may know by now, digital marketing is constantly changing, and following these changes is worth your while!

Here is your June 2019 digital marketing news roundup.

Facebook versus Retargeting

Facebook is changing the way you can advertise to users on the platform. It will soon be offering users the option to opt-out of retargeting ads.

What are retargeting ads, you ask?

It is an advertising method that focuses on cross-platform targeting of customers. Take Amazon, for example, if you search for a new television on the website and then go to check your Facebook, you are likely to see an advertisement on the platform for televisions on Amazon.

This is the work of retargeting and to keep users at ease, Facebook is using its newly announced disconnecting feature to move away from the placement of these advertisements.

For marketing and advertising which focuses on retargeting customers through Facebook, it may require making efforts through other platforms.

In the meantime, for the success of your small business, focus on growing your marketing and advertising strategies as you must rely on more than retargeting through Facebook to get your products and services in the view of potential customers.

There is a world of advertising options to keep customers interested in what you have to offer. Learn more about what RevLocal can do to improve your advertising approaches in the wake of this change.

Google's Fake Business Profiles

While Google has been in the process of adding new capabilities to Google My Business pages, there has been serious concern around the number of fake business profiles on the Google Maps service.

Reports have recently cited large amounts of false business location and phone number listings. This incorrect information is routing people to competitor's businesses.

Exposure will likely grow as The Wall Street Journal has put out an article on the issue, but in the meantime, Google has simply told users to report these pages via their Business Redressal Complaint Form or flag them for suspension and removal.

Stay aware of these issues to make sure they aren't hurting your business.

If you wish to learn more about Google My Business listing suspensions, click here.

New Features in Facebook's Video Creation Kit

 Facebook’s Video Creation Kit is only getting better!

The kit, which was released last year, is adding some new features to improve the videos users can make with it.

The changes will include:

  • Optimization for different placements (meaning a feed post or a story post)
  • Additional template layouts
  • New fonts
  • Draft video capabilities
  • Seasonal stickers

Make use of these new features to engage your followers better! Videos have recently become the best performing content on Facebook, so it’s worth considering in your marketing strategy.

Instagram's New Branded Content Ads 

The Instagram updates keep coming!

This time, it is introducing branded content ads, and they give advertisers the ability to promote influencer branded content as ads on user’s feeds.

This may sound complicated, so think of it like this, if an Instagram influencer promotes an Amazon product in a post, now Amazon can use that influencer’s post as an advertisement to generate in feeds.

Consider it yet another way to reach new and existing customers.

Influencers are called influencers for a reason! In fact, 68 percent of users come to Instagram to interact with creators.

Having this advertisement option gives brands the ability to make use of the personal touch that Instagram users appreciate from influencers.

Want to know all about the extensive updates in the works for Instagram? Check out this blog for more information on what’s to come.

Facebook is Eliminating Some of Your Business Page Information

On top of the other changes which are coming to the platform, Facebook has recently announced the decision to remove specific business Page info sections.

So, what business page info will be removed?

  • Mission
  • Company Overview
  • Biography
  • Affiliation
  • Personal Interests

Trust us; this is not a change worth your worry for a few reasons. One, this change will be coming in August. And two, it shouldn’t be a significant issue for your business. Instead, it will likely help to streamline your business page.

Much of the information that is in these sections of your business page is likely to be in your page description as well, so there’s not much to lose. If anything, keep track of what you have in these information sections as we approach August. Make sure to include any of the essential points or details in your remaining page descriptions and you’ll be good to go!

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