RevLocal Granville Reviews:

Brian Javeline
My firm MyOnlineToolbox has worked with RevLocal for over a year now. In addition to being technically competent, there are numerous intangible qualities of the company that are impossible for someone to recognize unless you have worked with many programmers and tech companies. MyOnlineToolbox specifically specializes in marketing for the remodeling industry, and it is a joy to me technological people who are receptive to listening to client needs and being open minded how to attack a specific objective. Sometime there are technology people who are so focused on a technical answer that they may not be receptive to a marketing answer, and that is not the case with RevLocal. Also, we like when people say what they are going to do, tell you when they can not do something for whatever the reason is, and maintain ongoing dialogue whenever needed. RevLocal has a unique blend of tangible and intangible qualities and it is a joy to work with them.
date 10/20/2020
Kathleen Spohn
Rev Local is a great company to have on board with with us! They do it all, so we have to do very little. The people assigned to our account are always looking for ways to improve our website, keep it up to date and current, so that it works for us. They have made it easy for people to find us. Their great work and attention have most certainly increased our business. We appreciate Rev Local so much!
date 10/14/2020
Lynn Fox
date 10/14/2020
Daniel Alexander
Great group of folks! They know their stuff and are great at customer relationships.
date 10/12/2020
We have been working with them for a couple months now. They have been very professional and timely. They have helped our business become more recognized in our industry.
date 10/8/2020

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