7 Digital Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your 2023

Take full advantage of 2023 with these surefire digital marketing tips!

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your 2023

This year, see what prioritizing digital marketing can do for your business. Although sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult, fulfilling your business’s digital marketing goals don't need to be!

We’ve gathered some of the top digital marketing trends and tips for 2023 so you can make data-backed and effective digital marketing goals for the year.

1. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming the preferred way of surfing the web. Preparing your business for this shift should be at the top of your resolutions list! 

To start, create a snippet of content for “near me” searches. This snippet should include your business’s hours, location and popular services. It should be easily crawlable for the voice features of search engines and be valuable to consumers. The more optimized your business’s content for voice search, the higher it will appear in results! 

This “near me” featured snippet recites to the user the top local search results for their “near me” voice search. So, rather than typing in the search on Google and reading results like those below, voice search will read those top results aloud to the user.

For more information on how to improve your local search ranking, check out this blog.

2. Invest in Influencer Marketing

One of the fastest-growing forms of digital marketing is influencer marketing. If you haven’t heard of this powerful tool, check out this blog!

The basics of how business’s can partner with an influencer to promote their products are:

  • The business or influencer reaches out with an interest in using the influencer’s channel and audience to promote a product or service
  • An agreement is made where the business sends the influencer products to review or a service to try and the influencer documents their authentic experience with it on their social media channels
  • The influencer makes sure their followers know how to purchase the product or where to go to learn more
  • Like any advertising, the business pays the influencer to promote their product in a specific way
  • There are two types of social media influencers to know about: traditional influencers and micro-influencers. Traditional influencers are what you stereotypically think of when you think of social media influencers. They typically have large audiences in the 5 to 7 digit range, and are established with their niche and branding. Think of these influencers as mini, online celebrities. Traditional social media influencers can be expensive and picky about which brands and products they partner with on their channels. However, the larger their following, the more trusted promotion space your business is getting when you partner with them.

Micro-influencers are typically cheaper and more accessible for businesses. They may have anywhere from a few thousand followers to 10,000 or more followers and are more flexible when it comes to the types of brands and products they work with. While the advertising pool may be smaller, hiring a micro-influencer is a great first step in seeing how their audience responds to your product. If it goes well, you can consider working with a traditional influencer to increase ROI!

Social media influencers boast an incredible amount of trust from their followers which is a valuable benefit for businesses promoting their products.

We’re confident that including influencer marketing into your 2023 digital marketing strategy will bring your business big wins.

3. Rethink and Refresh Your Paid Advertising Strategies

Advertising is constantly changing so your business needs to be just as agile to stay competitive and compelling!

Here at RevLocal, we updated our paid advertising plans to help businesses easily stay on top of each and every rapid change. To learn more about how it has changed, read here.

One of the biggest trends in advertising is showing immediate value by clearly stating the problem that the product solves and how good the product is at providing the solution.

Personalization can play a huge factor in the responsiveness of potential customers to your advertisements. This personalization does not have to mean including a customer’s name in an ad or showing products they may be interested in, but rather appealing to the basic desires of your customer base.

When it comes to ads, consumers want them to be concise, straightforward and express why your business is the best at fulfilling their specific needs.

Stay ahead of those around you by taking the start of 2023 to rethink your personalized approach to paid advertising and putting it into action.

4. Prepare for Personalization and Real Time Messaging

Three out of four customers who purchase products online were cited as not only expecting personalization on websites and throughout a business’s online presence, but highly valuing it. Implementing real time messaging features to your business’s website and closely monitoring your business’s social media direct messages is an effective way to boost your brands personalization strategy.

Real time messaging helps create valuable connection with potential and current customers by addressing their specific needs in the moment. Real time messaging gives businesses a leg up over their competition who use email or convoluted phone systems to answer their customer’s questions. However, if including a personalized, real time messaging system seems out of reach right now, there are ways to make your business’s online presence more personalized that are worth investing in until you can offer messaging. 

One of the most recognizable forms of it can be found on platforms like Netflix, Amazon and more. These companies typically include a “Related to items you’ve viewed” or “Top picks for you” section as a way to tailor their websites to the personal preferences of their users.

Another simple way to achieve personalization is through emails. Emails could include a subscriber’s name at the beginning of the message and a "thank you" for their recent purchases or a reminder of new products you are offering if they haven’t been to your business in a while.

If you need help sending successful email campaigns, make sure to use these five promotional assets.

Remember, personalization doesn’t require using complicated technology or shoveling out large amounts of money. It takes valuing your customers and showing them that you do by catering to their specific shopping patterns and interests.

5. Prioritize Visual Search and Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts are an unstoppable force in the digital marketing space.

Here’s how it works:

When a user clicks on a photo of a product they are interested in, websites like Google and Pinterest are equipped to display buying options below the photo for that item, which allows the user to purchase the product directly from the photo.

This is expanding even further to Instagram in a feature it calls, shoppable posts. Here, Instagram users can also purchase products directly from a photo where it is featured. This is less like the index of buying options that Pinterest and Google offer, but it still provides buying options via social media posts.

It’s been found that around 69 percent of young shoppers purchase items based on visually-oriented searches. So, if one of your business’s products shows up in visual search results, a consumer is more likely to buy it than if the product did not show up in those visual results.

For more info on the value of shoppable content and how to create it, read this blog!

6. Learn Video Content

We’ve mentioned in the past just how influential video content is on social media. Here are some numbers to prove it:

  • Fifty-two percent of consumers mentioned that they felt more confident in online purchase decisions after watching product videos.
  • When it comes to learning about products, 68 percent of consumers prefer short videos over articles or website posts, infographics, manuals and more.

By posting live instructional videos via social media, creating high-quality video content, optimizing video lengths for different social platforms and more, your business will be on track to reach new users and gain their trust and interest in your products and services.

For additional guidance on creating effective video content for YouTube, give this blog a read.

7. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence may already be a part of your business’s digital marketing strategy and you may not even know it! But here are some more ways to harness the power of AI:

  • Content creation
  • Customer service
  • Email personalization
  • Chat bots
  • Retargeting paid ad campaigns

Artificial intelligence is a way for businesses to make many of their processes easier. Whether it is interacting with customer questions or better gathering and analyzing social media data, AI is starting to enter into everyday business functions. No longer do businesses have to allocate their employee resources to these customer service interactions or even simple content writing! Now, employees can focus on more complex and important tasks to build the business.

Final Thoughts

Taking on a whole new year of digital marketing can seem daunting, especially with so many new technologies entering the space.

At RevLocal, we want to make these innovations and new approaches to digital marketing simpler for you and your business by handling your digital marketing.

Click here to request a demo with one of our digital marketing consultants to address how to implement some of these tips and trends into your strategy for the year!

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