How to Utilize Customer Reviews to Create Compelling Marketing Content

Your reviews build your online reputation, so why not showcase them? Find out how to turn positive reviews into engaging, reputation-building content.

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So, your business has received a positive review on Google, Facebook or another relevant review website. This is great! And while the positive review speaks for itself when people visit your website looking to learn more about your business, these reviews are also worth utilizing to build your content online.

When it comes to brand awareness and trustworthiness, reviews are an unmatched tool to put your business values forward. Here, we outline how you can take a review to new heights by creating compelling content to share across your website, social media and more.

Showcase reviews on your social media pages

Take a moment to think about your quickest and easiest way to create communication and share information with your customers or followers.

Well, maybe we gave it away by saying followers, but social media is a great outlet to showcase just how great your business is, and reviews are a reputable and first-hand way of representing that information.

Because of this, creating social media posts that feature positive reviews your business has received online is a great way to build content that improves your reputation, encourages engagement and is a quick way to connect with people online.

If you are looking to learn more about other engaging social media post options, make sure to head over to this blog for some valuable information!

Feature reviews on your website

Your website should be the number one source for any and all information about your business for current and potential customers to access. With this in mind, your reviews should also not go unnoticed or be neglected when it comes to creating your website.

Take our website for example!

Here, we have an entire webpage dedicated to client reviews! It houses numerous reviews across multiple industries in order to cover not just the services we offer, but provide direct sources to emphasize positive experiences with our services, employees, etc.

Ultimately, building reliability with customers starts with transparency! When you choose to feature client reviews on your website, you’re showcasing just how much you value your customers' opinions and the honesty behind the work that you do.

Create compelling video content to highlight your reviews

Now, we’ve mentioned before that video content is some of the most engaging content across all platforms like social media, YouTube, websites, emails and more.

So, when you are looking to gather and feature great reviews about your business, why not tap into the content that website visitors or social media followers want to see the most?

There are countless ways to create this compelling review content, so make sure you are doing so in a way that engages and interests people across the internet. This blog has a few tips and tricks you can follow when it comes to optimizing your video content to reach wider audiences and the right potential customers!

Whether you create a simple video that strings together some of your best reviews on Google, or you have real customers reading their reviews and sharing about their experience, video content has a way of connecting with audiences that is unmatched to other forms of content.

Ultimately, these videos can then be shared across social media and your website as we highlighted in the prior sections!

Final Thoughts

Marketing content can be found anywhere!

When it comes to creating content that specifically highlights and builds your reputation, utilizing your reviews is a must.

From video content to website features, reviews have great creative potential and reach. They appeal to interested internet users when the content is created with engagement and proper distribution in mind.

If you are interested in staying in the know on other review marketing topics, then make sure to visit our resources for ongoing podcast, infographic and blog updates.

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