The Top LinkedIn Updates of 2021 That You Need to Know

The LinkedIn updates just keep coming and we're keeping you in the loop! Find out all the latest features that have come to the platform!

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The social media world is constantly changing with updates and new features, and for LinkedIn, this has been especially true.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen numerous updates come to the platform, and we want to share a few of the most important with you!

If you’re interested in everything that has changed and what that means for your profile as a business on the platform, or just a personal LinkedIn user, then make sure to keep reading for more details!

Showcase Valuable Content

As a business or an individual looking to build your LinkedIn network, you may be searching for good ways to share your insights and thoughts on pressing topics in the news or within your industry.

With LinkedIn’s Creator Mode, now you can do that!

According to LinkedIn, this is a great feature for, “Members who regularly share content with their professional community to demonstrate their expertise, ignite conversations about ideas and experiences, and build communities around common interests.”

Creator mode can be turned on from your profile dashboard. Once you’ve decided to turn on this mode, you will choose up to five hashtags that are indicative of the topics you typically share and write. LinkedIn recommends using both broad and niche topics to include in these hashtags.

From here, you’re ready to show off your content! Whether that’s a post, video, article or comment, it will now be at the forefront of your page for interested users to see.

Stories Keep Coming

If you’ve used Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories and Twitter Fleets, then this next LinkedIn addition will be familiar to you!

Linkedin’s story feature is exclusive to the platform’s mobile app. So, if you’re looking to upload your own or view other user’s stories, then you will need to do so through the app!

Stories are a great way to quickly share information with followers without dedicating an entire social media post to the subject.

As you may know, social media is a great place to create and encourage more informal and approachable conversations. With stories, that is even easier for followers as they have the ability to simply respond to your story and begin a private conversation.

Aligned with their efforts to provide the best services to small and medium-sized businesses, LinkedIn offers swipe-up access to every company page on stories. This means, if you are highlighting a resource, service or promotion on your website, users can swipe up in your story, and it will automatically direct them to your webpage.

Share Your Services

If you currently run a business but have only a personal LinkedIn profile, then this is a great feature to utilize!

Showcasing your business offerings and services is now a whole lot easier with LinkedIn Service Pages. These service listings will not only be discoverable through your profile, but they will also be accessible through search.

So, whoever is searching through LinkedIn for services like yours will be able to find them easily, and you will now be more accessible to potential customers; it’s a win-win situation!

But wait! There’s even more! LinkedIn also has plans to feature ratings and reviews on these Service Pages soon, so stay tuned for future updates!

Advertise Your Virtual Events

Last but certainly not least is a feature that has been refined over the past year in order to meet the growing demand for virtual events. This new feature comes following the implementation of Event options on company pages and livesteaming for events.

Now, businesses can promote their upcoming virtual events with new specialized Event Advertising options. This feature will make connecting with and promoting events to potential customers and business representatives much easier. It also cuts out any additional steps or websites that are needed to sign up for events.

These Event Ads simplify the process of getting your upcoming events in front of interested users and promoting registration.

Also, coming with this advertising option are updated analytics that can provide, “Insight into the impact of your efforts and enable you to better plan your LinkedIn video strategies, and maximize your in-app events.”

Final Thoughts

You can’t turn your back to social media updates, or you’ll get lost in the shuffle!

The changes that these platforms are experiencing, LinkedIn included, are great opportunities for business owners and individuals to be found and grow connections online.

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