Facebook Page Shops: The Information You Need to Know

Have you heard the news about Facebook Page Shops? This blog discusses the details behind this new social media shopping outlet that your small business can utilize!

Facebook Page Shops: The Information You Need to Know

As we came into 2020, we told you all about the growing digital marketing trend of shoppable posts and its benefits to your local business. Little did we know just how impactful this shopping method would become in the few short months to come.

With the onset of COVID 19 and the growing need for online access to products and services, many companies have taken to this new form of shopping in order to maintain their business.

While you may be familiar with Instagram’s shoppable posts or Pinterest and Google’s visual search shopping, Facebook is now joining the movement.

This new feature is called Facebook shops, and with it comes so many new selling opportunities for your local business. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Facebook Page Shops?

Are you looking to make purchasing your products even more accessible to your customers? While social media is a great outlet to feature products and grow interest, why not make it an outlet to purchase from directly?

In setting up its new Page Shops, Facebook is looking to support small businesses like yours!

Facebook Page Shops will be yet another touchpoint for potential sales as Page Shops has the ability to keep businesses thriving during this time.

This page will be easily accessible from your Facebook business page and will include a checkout option to complete purchases simply and easily.

Facebook outlines how you can set up your small business’s Facebook Page Shop here.

Business qualifications

Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. There are requirements that your business must meet in order to begin this selling process.

Because of this, your Facebook page must:

  • Sell physical items
  • Agree with Facebook’s Merchant Terms
  • Link to a valid US bank account
  • Have a Tax Identification Number (TIN)

So, before you get started, make sure all your ducks are in a row! That way, your business will be prepared for sales and ready to meet customer demand.

The benefits

Now that you have the background information you need to get started, you may be wondering how exactly can Facebook shops help your business both now and in the future.

We’re here to help breakdown some of those curiosities.

Firstly, the possibility of growing your exposure is undeniable. Simply having Facebook as an additional platform to sell your products through is helpful, but within Facebook, there are numerous opportunities to be seen. For instance, your products can appear in the Facebook Marketplace. They can also act as a host for additional shopping through Instagram.

Organization and accessibility are key in maintaining a well-run and successful online shop. That’s why Facebook Page Shops allow for your business to offer as many products on your page as you wish. Within those product listings, the categorization of products will keep your page in running order for easy navigation.

By nature, Facebook is an interactive platform. With your shop running through Facebook, interaction with customers is now simplified and manageable, and page insights are even more valuable!

Whether customers have questions, concerns or are simply looking for more information, consider this an improved way to communicate with customers in their purchasing process.

As for gathering insights, this is a great way to analyze information and improve your selling strategy based on the views, clicks and purchase information that your page will receive.

Final thoughts

Social media is a great outlet for reaching new customers and maintaining relationships with current customers. By setting up shop on Facebook, your business has yet another opportunity to reach these internet shoppers.

Small businesses owners, let Facebook Page Shops be another chance for your business to emerge stronger after difficult times.

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