Why Relationships Matter in Multi-Location Marketing

Find out why choosing a digital marketing partner that not only offers great services but also builds a relationship with your business is necessary to have a successful multi-location brand!

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When you’re running a multi-location brand, it’s easy to get lost in a routine. No matter where your business takes you, relationships should be the glue that keeps your brand together and whole. 

Consider the new year an opportunity for you to pivot your multi-location business efforts toward building and supporting relationships in marketing, business and more. 

But when it comes to marketing, committing to building relationships can have a significant impact on the success of your business. 

Before we jump into the specific benefits of having established marketing relationships, let’s run through the RevLocal Brand Team structure for your reference.

Brand Team—How it Looks and What to Expect 

Our Brand Team has several layers of support to give multi-location businesses the attention they deserve. Each brand will have a Brand Relationship Manager to communicate with them at a higher level and a Brand Strategist who offers location-specific support. 

Together, these roles work closely to ensure that the multi-location brand comes first, and all goals and efforts are aligned.  

Additionally, the Brand Relationship Manager and Brand Strategist have the support of other brand team members who provide guidance and strategy.  

Our RevLocal operations team includes specialized departments that help optimize our efforts through our website services, paid advertising and social media content creation and distribution.  

No matter the marketing services that a brand needs, it’s our priority to give personalized attention to the brand as a whole, and each of the locations. 

Now, let's transition into the specific qualities and benefits that a marketing relationship can offer.

Direct Contact 

Are you currently stuck in a marketing partnership that lacks consistent communication, transparency and accountability?

Well, you’re losing out on the opportunity for an authentic and committed marketing partnership. 

At RevLocal, we don’t run a call center. As you've already been informed about, our team is made up of strategists that are dedicated to supporting your multi-location brand’s digital marketing needs without all the hassle. 

When it comes to talking through your goals or establishing a local presence for your national brand, it’s crucial you have a partner who can give you scalable and localized solutions across your entire organization. 

We're committed to being accessible and easy to communicate with whenever a marketing need arises.

Local Support 

To make the benefit of local support even more clear, let’s take a look at a practical example of how our brand team works with our partners.  

When working with a franchise system, it’s important to establish upfront communication from the top down. Incorporating the brand’s overall goals and strategies is essential.

For example, if we were to work with a franchise, let’s just call them Barb’s Burgers, our Brand Relationship Managers would primarily communicate with someone at the corporate level.

In this case, we would discuss the overall strategy and goals for the brand.

Our Brand Relationship Manager would work with the Brand Strategist to discuss how Barb’s Burgers franchisees are currently using our services. If there were any concerns or questions about the brand’s strategies, our Brand Strategist could help facilitate those conversations back up to the top.  

Having this level of support both nationally and locally gives Barb's brand the ability to utilize localized marketing strategies while following the brand’s overall initiatives.  

Having a person who your franchisees can talk to on a regular basis and take care of their local digital marketing efforts can help keep everyone on track for better success!

When it comes to support, the options are limitless with the RevLocal Brands Team! If you are currently working with a SaaS program or are looking to utilize one but need help in the process, check out this blog to learn more.

Authentic and Personalized 

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking to build valuable relationships with the businesses that they buy into. You know this as a business owner, and we know also know this as an agency that supports brands like yours. 

One basis for a strong business relationship is authenticity, especially when it comes to working with a multi-location company. 

There are no secrets when it comes to utilizing RevLocal’s services. That’s why, as we mentioned earlier, our strategists don’t work in a call center, they’re here for you during your most pressing digital marketing needs or even when you just need to chat through ideas. 

Remaining transparent about all we can offer on the front of multi-location business marketing is our focus! You’ll even have access to the RevLocal Marketing Platform for the overall brand as well as your locations.

Your Brand Relationship Manager and Brand Strategist will also help translate what these analytics mean with monthly communication. Building that relationship with your brand to offer straightforward, personalized experiences will help you fulfill your business goals.  

If you would like to learn more about the multi-location business support that we offer, and all that comes with our partnership, click here.

Final Thoughts 

So, let RevLocal be the relationship glue that your business needs! 

We’re not here to be your occasional contact for marketing support, we’re here to build a connection that is meaningful and allows for your multi-location brand needs to be heard and met. 

Our emphasis on direct communication, industry support and authenticity are what set us apart from the multitude of digital marketing agencies that are out there. 

If you are looking to find out even more about how our agency could be your perfect digital marketing partner, read this blog.

And for additional multi-location business-related marketing tips and information, make sure to check the resources listed below. 

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